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EuroMillions Provides £17 Million Jackpot for Friday 1st May

EuroMillions players have a £17 million (€25 million) jackpot to play for tonight when EuroMillions is drawn in Paris. As well as the top prize, there will be a guaranteed UK winner of £1 million courtesy of Millionaire Maker and a French ticket holder will bank €1 million in My Million.

UK players have been enjoying a run of good luck in EuroMillions recently, with a player from the country snapping up a mighty £36.2 million (€50.7 million) jackpot last Friday. In addition, Richard and Angela Maxwell of Lincolnshire found themselves £53.1 million (€73.5 million) better off after matching all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars in the draw on Tuesday 31st March. To see the results for the last ten EuroMillions draws, including prize breakdowns and winning Millionaire Maker codes, visit the EuroMillions Results page now.

Winning £17 million tonight would really change your life, with cash available to pay for a place in the city, a country retreat and a holiday home in the sun. Whether you’d quit work immediately to enjoy a life of luxury, use your vast amounts of free time to write that book that has been swimming around in your head for years or maybe even start up your own business, you can receive the freedom to choose how you spend your days just by buying a EuroMillions ticket.

You can play EuroMillions online right now or get hold of your entries from an authorised retailer in any of the participating countries. They are on sale until 7:30pm BST (8:30pm CEST) tonight, with the results appearing on Euro-Millions.com soon after the draw is made.

Published: Fri, 1 May 2015 - 10:15am
Last Updated: Mon, 15 June 2015 - 8:54am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com