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EuroMillions Results for Friday 15th January 2016

With a £62.7 million (€81.9 million) jackpot on the line in Friday’s EuroMillions draw, more than 38.1 million entries were submitted for the game as players dreamed of netting themselves an unimaginable fortune. While the top prize rolled over once again, many participants still matched some of the winning line to receive life-changing windfalls.

Friday’s EuroMillions numbers were 10, 19, 38, 43 and 46 with Lucky Stars 1 and 11. Four players, one from Spain, one from France, one from Ireland and one from Portugal, all matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star to win €458,316 each, while another nine ticket holders won €67,898 each when they matched five main numbers. The remaining 2.7 million prizes distributed to last night’s winners were worth between £3.00 (€4.10) for matching two main numbers and £3,820 (€5,178) for matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars.

It was an excellent evening for players of supplementary games as well, as in Ireland, a ticket holder from the north west of the country matched the five winning EuroMillions Plus numbers to win the top prize of €500,000. Visit the EuroMillions Results page for Friday’s draw to see a full prize breakdown, total winners in each participating country and the winning Millionaire Maker code.

While the UK saw no winners in the first three prize tiers, the sheer number of British players who scooped a EuroMillions prize of some kind boosted the country to the top of the table in last night’s game, with 692,513 participants sharing £3.8 million. Spain was in second place with 570,149 ticket holders picking up a combined €5 million.

An incredible £68 million (€89) million will now be offered on Tuesday 19th January for any player who can match the entire winning line drawn. With so much cash to be won, now is the time to consider forming a strategy that could help increase your chances of winning. Joining an online syndicate will give you shares in a large number of tickets without damaging your bottom line, giving you the opportunity to win a slice of an eight-figure prize.

You can play EuroMillions online or buy tickets from authorised retailers right up to 7.30pm GMT (8.30pm CET) on the night of the draw. Good luck and have fun!

Published: Sat, 16 January 2016 - 9:17am
Last Updated: Fri, 26 February 2016 - 8:48am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com