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EuroMillions Results for Friday 17th April 2015

The EuroMillions draw for Friday 17th April may not have produced a top-tier winner, but with over 2.1 million participants sweeping up incredible cash prizes, it was still a great night for fans of the game. So, how did those millions of players clean up?

The winning line was 2, 24, 30, 34 and 39 with Lucky Stars 8 and 11. Three players from Belgium, Spain and the UK matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star to pocket £379,032 (€495,368), with another three participants from France, Spain and the UK matching five main numbers to win £126,344 (€165,122) each. All other prizes handed out in the main draw were worth between £3.20 (€4.20) for matching two main numbers and £5,414 (€7,076) for matching four main numbers and two Lucky Stars. A full prize breakdown, as well as the winning Millionaire Maker code, can be found at the Results page.

The UK had by far and away the biggest number of winners and the largest prize pool, with 565,901 participants grabbing a total of £3.8 million in the main draw. Spain popped in at a distant second, with 464,706 players sharing €4.1 million (approximately £2.9 million). France took third place last night as 400,531 ticket holders picked up a combined total of €3 million (approximately £2.2 million).

Mega Friday, with its ten prizes of £1 million and a luxury yacht trip, is now approaching and punters across the UK will be dreaming of sailing around the Turkish or Croatian coasts in a vessel that suits their new millionaire lifestyle. It’s all set to go down on Friday 24th April, but first there’s another EuroMillions draw on Tuesday, where the jackpot will be worth a tidy £28 million (€39 million). Scooping that top prize for yourself would enable you to go on a permanent cruise if you wanted - imagine buying your own Skiant yacht for €3.9 million (£2.8 million) and bringing your nearest and dearest along for the ride of a lifetime!

Don’t forget to get involved with Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw as well as Mega Friday’s; buy tickets online at the Play EuroMillions page or from authorised retailers across the nine participating countries. Good luck and have fun!

Published: Sat, 18 April 2015 - 10:04am
Last Updated: Mon, 15 June 2015 - 8:54am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com