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EuroMillions Results for Friday 26th September

Last night’s EuroMillions draw resulted in a rollover when no player was able to match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to scoop the coveted £20.1 million (€25.7 million) jackpot. However, over 2.4 million participants snapped up great cash prizes when they matched some of the winning numbers, which were 13, 27, 35, 46 and 47 with Lucky Stars 1 and 2.

There were six players, two of whom were from the UK, who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star to pick up a payout of £197,160 (€269,196) each. Another five ticket holders matched all five main numbers and won £78,864 (€107,678) while 51 players matched four main numbers plus both Lucky Stars to grab a tidy £3,865 (€5,278) each.

The remaining players won amounts worth between £3.10 (€4.20) for matching two main numbers and £167.80 (€229.10) for matching four main numbers and one Lucky Star. Another lucky UK player matched the winning Millionaire Raffle code of XTR537741 to land a £1 million payday and an astonishing ten French ticket holders won €1 million each in the supplementary My Million Raffle. For a full prize breakdown from Friday’s draw, visit the Results page.

Attention now turns to Tuesday, when punters across the continent will be crossing their fingers and hoping that they have what it takes to beat the odds and win a double rollover jackpot worth £25 million (€32 million). Of course, players may be divided into two camps - those who would be happy with a jackpot win now and those who wouldn’t mind waiting for next Friday’s Superdraw, which will offer an estimated jackpot of £80 million (€100 million).* No matter what your strategy is, make sure that you buy your tickets online by visiting the Play EuroMillions tab or by visiting an authorised retailer. Good luck!

*The Superdraw jackpot is worth €100 million, the sterling value of which is an estimated £80 million. This amount may change due to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Published: Sat, 27 September 2014 - 9:59am
Last Updated: Thu, 8 December 2016 - 2:17pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com