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EuroMillions Rolls into 2012

 The EuroMillions jackpot last Friday 30 December has rolled over to the first draw of 2012, giving players an exciting opportunity to win a whopping €58 million (£46 million) this Tuesday 03 January. Whilst it would have been nice to report that someone won the jackpot in the last EuroMillions game of 2011, announcing that players have the chance to win €58 million within a couple of days of 2012 getting underway is a pretty good alternative. Just think about it for a moment – if you buy a ticket online today and your numbers come up on Tuesday, you would be able to live the rest of this year and beyond as one of the wealthiest people in the world!

 The EuroMillions results on Friday 30 December were 16, 36, 43, 44 and 50, and the Lucky Star numbers were 07 and 08. Although no player won the jackpot, the Friday EuroMillions game did award more than 2.82 million consolation prizes. Two tickets gave their owners millionaire status after they matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star to win €1,024,726 (£730,948) each. Six other tickets matched the five main numbers only and won €113,858 (£81,216) for each of their owners.

There were 68 winning tickets at the fourth-tier prize level and each of those won €5,023 (£3,583) by matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars. 1,081 tickets won €276 (£197) for matching four main numbers and one Lucky Star, and 1,969 tickets matched four main numbers only to win €151 (£108) each. The winning Millionaire Raffle number in the UK last Friday was HYT570956.

As always, we would like to congratulate everyone who won a prize of any value last Friday. Of course, if you didn’t win a prize then you can now look forward to the 104 EuroMillions draws that are scheduled to take place over the next twelve months. Buy a single entry for each of those draws and you will have 104 chances to change your life forever, and if you buy more than one entry per draw your chances will be even greater!

Your first chance to win big in 2012 comes this Tuesday 03 January, so play EuroMillions online today and that €58 million rollover jackpot just might be yours!

Written by Tim Reynolds

Published: Mon, 2 January 2012 - 11:15am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 2:25pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

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