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EuroMillions Rolls Into December

The first EuroMillions draw of December will be worth €29 million (around £26 million) thanks to a rollover result last Friday. The main EuroMillions results were 05, 08, 13, 15 and 33 and the two Lucky Stars were 08 and 09, but no player succeeded in matching all of those numbers to win the jackpot. We therefore have twice as much cash to play for this Friday 4 December, and lottery players everywhere will be hoping to land a €29 million Christmas present for themselves!

Christmas has already come early for 11 players who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star last Friday to win €286,554 (around £261,282) each. Another 17 players were also celebrating in style after matching the five main numbers only to pick up €52,618 (around £47,977) each. We’re guessing that the next few weeks for those winners will be packed with festive shopping trips, but no doubt one or two of them will be looking to get away to warmer climes instead.

Talking of Christmas, some players across Europe like to make the EuroMillions lottery a part of their festive celebrations, so if you haven’t thought of doing that before, here are a couple of ideas you might like to consider:

Buy EuroMillions tickets as presents. This is a particularly good idea if you know someone who enjoys playing lottery games and you want to send them an inexpensive gift that has the potential to make their dreams come true. You could play EuroMillions online and send the recipient an email telling them what numbers you have purchased on their behalf and for which draw. Of course, if the numbers you enter come up then you will have to stick to your promise and hand the jackpot over!

If the idea of handing the entirety of a jackpot over to a friend makes you shiver, an alternative idea is to buy tickets as a syndicate leader, but then give away syndicate memberships to your friends as Christmas presents. For example, you could buy ten tickets online and then tell nine of your friends that you have bought them a 10% share in your Christmas syndicate entry. If any of your numbers win then all of your friends would be delighted, and you would also get to keep an equal share for yourself!

We’re mentioning these ideas now because we know that many people like to get their Christmas shopping done early. If you are one of them and you also like the idea of giving your friends the chance to win big money, the ideas above might make your life a lot easier.

In the meantime, don’t forget that you still have €29 million to play for this Friday. Win that jackpot outright and you’ll be able to hire someone to do all of your Christmas shopping for you! Good luck!

Published: Mon, 30 November 2009 - 9:48am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 12:21pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com