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EuroMillions Rush for Rollover Tickets

The first EuroMillions rollover jackpot of 2011 is getting players excited – so much so that the last-minute rush for tickets has already started. As we explained in our previous news item, the jackpot last Friday wasn’t won, so the jackpot fund rolled over to create an even bigger prize of €29 million (around £24 million) for this Friday 21 January. The good news for those who have yet to enter their numbers for this rollover jackpot draw is that the offline rush for tickets can be avoided completely, simply by playing online!

Anyone who buys a EuroMillions ticket online for this Friday’s draw (or any other draw, for that matter) will enjoy exactly the same chance of winning as someone who buys their ticket offline. Those odds are 1 in 76,275,360 for winning the jackpot and 1 in 24 for winning any prize at all. The only differences between tickets bought online and those bought offline is that online tickets are virtual (which means they cannot be lost or stolen) and the process of obtaining them is a lot quicker and more convenient.

The act of buying EuroMillions tickets online is becoming more and more popular, and rollover jackpots always encourage a fresh batch of players to try the online approach for the first time. If anyone reading this item is new to playing the EuroMillions game online then allow us to encourage you with the statement that those who buy tickets online never look back. On the contrary, they are usually so impressed with the experience that they encourage their friends and colleagues to do the same.

We have established that playing EuroMillions online is much more convenient than playing offline, but so is checking the lottery results too. Whilst EuroMillions results are published in many newspapers the day after the draw, those same results are published on our EuroMillions Results page within moments of the draw taking place. This allows you to check your numbers straight away and, if you have won a prize, to make your claim without delay.

Many industry commentators predict that one day all lottery games will be played online as a matter of course. Until then, online players can take pride in being at the cutting edge. Play EuroMillions online today and good luck in the €29 million rollover game this Friday!

Published: Thu, 20 January 2011 - 10:16am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 2:38pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com