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EuroMillions Special Draws Create More Chances for Everyone

As EuroMillions players across the continent look forward to trying to win tonight’s phenomenal jackpot of £24 million (€30 million), ticket holders in all of the different participating countries will also be eagerly anticipating the various special draws they can get involved in.

UK participants are automatically entered into the Millionaire Maker game when they enter the main EuroMillions draw, giving them an extra chance to win £1 million. Mega Friday takes place once a month and creates multiple millionaires, in addition to awarding fabulous non-cash prizes. The March edition of Mega Friday happened in the last draw on Friday 25th March and five lucky winners can now start getting excited about the luxury holidays to the USA that lie in store.

The next edition of Mega Friday will be held on 29th April and will see five players get the opportunity to jet off to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, where they will spend over a week in a truly stunning location and even get to stay for two nights in the Manta Resort’s astonishing Underwater Room.

Irish players can take part in EuroMillions Plus for the chance to win a top prize of €500,000 for matching all five main numbers. One lucky player, from the North East of the country, did just that on Friday night to scoop a life-changing amount of money. Check out the page on Special Draws to find out more about all the different games, including My Million in France and the Swiss Super-Star.

All of these supplementary games provide wonderful opportunities for players, but the greatest prize remains the EuroMillions jackpot and it is building very nicely following a couple of rollovers. You have to enter to be in with a chance of winning tonight’s eight-figure amount, and tickets can be either be bought online or from authorised retailers in any of the participating countries.

Published: Tue, 29 March 2016 - 10:27am
Last Updated: Fri, 6 January 2023 - 1:05pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com