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EuroMillions Superdraw: FAQs Ahead of Friday’s Big Jackpot Event

The first EuroMillions Superdraw of the year will take place on Friday night, offering a sensational jackpot of €100 million (estimated £85 million) if anyone is lucky enough to match the full winning line. But what is a Superdraw and how will it work? Read on to find out the answers to some questions you might have about the big jackpot event.

What is a Superdraw?

A Superdraw is a EuroMillions draw which offers a fantastic guaranteed jackpot. The top prize is increased to match up to the advertised amount, regardless of whether anyone won in the previous draw. On Friday 30th June, the jackpot will be worth €100 million.

So the jackpot could still have been won in the preceding draw?

Of course. If the jackpot had been won in Tuesday night’s draw, the top prize for Friday night would still have stood at €100 million. As it turned out, nobody landed the jackpot on Tuesday.

How can a jackpot be guaranteed?

The jackpot funds for a Superdraw are subsidised by the EuroMillions Booster Fund. This is a special reserve pot which receives 4.8% of the Common Prize Fund from each regular EuroMillions draw. A Booster Fund is necessary to make sure that there is always enough money to meet the minimum EuroMillions jackpot of €17 million. When there are surplus funds, it means that EuroMillions can organise big events such as Superdraws or European Millionaire Maker games.

What happens if nobody wins the Superdraw jackpot?

If nobody wins Friday’s €100 million jackpot, it will roll over just like a regular draw and an even bigger prize will be available in the following game on Tuesday.

How big could the jackpot get?

The jackpot can keep rolling over until it reaches its cap of €190 million. The top prize can then stay at this amount for four draws before it has to be won. If nobody matched all the numbers in the fourth draw at €190 million, the money would be split between players in the highest winning tier. There have been two previous occasions when a jackpot of €190 million has been won.

Is this the first Superdraw?

No. The first Superdraw took place back in 2007. However, this is the first Superdraw since Friday 30th September 2016, when the jackpot rolled over until a Belgian player won €168 million (£153 million). Find out more about EuroMillions Superdraws.

How can I enter?

Just like a normal draw, you can take part by visiting an authorised retailer in any participating country or choosing your numbers online. Good luck!

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Published: Tue, 27 June 2017 - 9:00am
Last Updated: Thu, 11 January 2018 - 2:58pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com