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EuroMillions Superdraw Set to Take Place On 21st September

The next EuroMillions Superdraw has been scheduled to take place on Friday 21st September and will offer a jackpot worth an incredible €130 million (£115 million). It is the second Superdraw to take place in 2018, after the previous one in April, but will it be won on the night or will it roll over to create a record jackpot?

About EuroMillions Superdraws

Superdraws only take place at certain points through the year, offering huge nine-figure prizes instead of the usual starting jackpot of €17 million (£14 million). Aside from the jackpot, they work in exactly the same way as standard EuroMillions draws. Tickets cost the same and you must match five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the top prize. Any associated raffles, such as the Millionaire Maker, will also be drawn as usual.

The extra money for Superdraws comes from the EuroMillions Booster Fund, which receives 4.8% of the prize fund from every standard EuroMillions draw. It is mainly used to ensure that the minimum jackpot can always be paid out, but when enough money accumulates in the fund, the excess is used to stage special events like Superdraws.

It is possible for the jackpot to roll over until it reaches a higher amount than the advertised Superdraw jackpot. When this happens, the special draw will be postponed to take place at a later date. The excess money will remain in the Booster Fund and will not be used to pay out the jackpot that has accumulated through ticket sales alone.

You can enter the Superdraw by buying tickets from licensed lottery retailers, just like you would for a standard draw, or you can choose your numbers online. There are no changes to the game rules and your ticket may look exactly the same as your usual EuroMillions ticket. All you need to know is that if you have a ticket for the EuroMillions draw on Friday 21st September 2018, you are participating in the Superdraw.

Superdraw Winners

Superdraws have led to record jackpots in the past, and have rolled over to hit the jackpot cap of €190 million on two occasions. This happened most recently after the September 2017 Superdraw. It was not won on the night and rolled over for three weeks before a lucky ticket holder from Spain won the entire amount. The only other time the cap of €190 million was reached after a Superdraw was in October 2014, when the jackpot rolled over six times before being won by a single player from Portugal.

The most recent Superdraw in April also didn’t see a winner on the night, but rolled over to the following draw, where a UK player won £121 million. That ticket holder, who chose to remain anonymous, leapt to third place on the UK’s lottery rich list. See the Superdraw page for more information about the game’s big winners.

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Published: Wed, 29 August 2018 - 9:24am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

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