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EuroMillions To Reward 10 UK Players With £1 Million on 25th March

UK players will have a far better chance than normal to become a millionaire in the EuroMillions draw on Friday 25th March. Ten ticket holders are guaranteed to win £1 million.

The extra prizes are being offered in the Millionaire Maker, which usually only sees one participant land £1 million in each draw.

Special draws take place a few times a year, when multiple players are rewarded with a seven-figure sum. What’s more, it doesn’t cost any more to take part and you don’t have to do anything differently to have an opportunity to win.

How will it work?

When you buy a EuroMillions ticket in the UK, you automatically receive a Millionaire Maker code for each line of numbers you play. The code always starts with an H, J, M, T, V, X or Z, and has four letters followed by five numbers.

Every code that is generated is entered into a computerised raffle. One code is selected at random in every draw, but in special draws like the one on 25th March there will be 10 selected.

If you match one of the codes exactly, with each character in exactly the same place, you win £1 million. You just have to make sure you claim your prize within 180 days, so remember to check your tickets after the draw.

What are the odds of winning?

The great part about the Millionaire Maker is that the prizes are guaranteed to be won. In the main draw, there is no guarantee that someone will have matched all the winning numbers, so the jackpot can roll over.

The odds of winning depend entirely on how many tickets are sold. This is never going to be exactly the same, but it is estimated that around 6.6 million entries are sold for a Friday draw when it is the fourth rollover.

If there was only one prize of £1 million available, the odds of winning would be 1 in 6.6 million. When there’s 10, the odds suddenly improve to 10 in 6.6 million, or 1 in 660,000. Compare that to the odds of winning the EuroMIllions jackpot itself - 1 in 139 million.

It is also possible to win a Millionaire Maker prize on the same night as you win in the main game. You have to purchase a ticket to be in with a chance of winning, of course, so take part now to try and become a millionaire.

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Published: Tue, 15 March 2022 - 2:50pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

Friday 1st March 2024
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