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Fancy a Triple?

At this time of year the question ‘Fancy a tipple?’ (meaning a small alcoholic drink) is quite common, but the question that EuroMillions players will be asking themselves this year is whether or not they fancy winning a triple rollover jackpot! That’s right, the double-rollover jackpot last Friday once again escaped the clutches of players everywhere, so there is now a triple rollover jackpot of €59 million (around £54 million) to play for this Friday 18 December.

The next EuroMillions draw is the last one before Christmas Day, so festive-minded players will be pulling out all the stops to see if they can win themselves a life-changing fortune before Santa climbs down the chimney. The odds of winning the €59 million jackpot just before Christmas are exactly the same as the odds of winning a regular €15 million at any other time of year, but an outright win right now would make the lucky player about €44 million happier!

The EuroMillions results for last Friday were 20, 41, 43, 44 and 46, with the Lucky Stars being 02 and 09. Four lottery players won a second tier prize worth €852,556 (around £768,661) each by matching the five main numbers and one Lucky Star. Eight more players won a third tier prize worth €120,970 (around £109,066) for matching just the five main numbers. On top of all that, plenty of other players won smaller amounts, because more than 1.49 million prizes were paid out overall.

Having a triple rollover jackpot to play for so close to Christmas can only make the season even more exciting for EuroMillions players. Some will be treating themselves to an extra ticket or two, some will use the extra-large jackpot as a good reason to start their own EuroMillions syndicate and others will simply play EuroMillions online as usual and hope for the best. Whatever approach you take, we wish you every success in the EuroMillions game this Friday!

Published: Mon, 14 December 2009 - 2:58pm
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 12:21pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com