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France Wins EuroMillions & Finland Wins EuroJackpot

There were two massive winners with reason to celebrate in style on Friday 25 January because the jackpots were landed outright in both the EuroMillions and EuroJackpot lottery games. The EuroMillions jackpot was worth €44,297,359 (£37,772,357) and the ticket that won it had been purchased by a player in France, making it the fourth French jackpot win of the year so far. Not to be outdone, the EuroJackpot game delivered its biggest ever jackpot of €29,540,642 (£25,150,902) to the owner of a single ticket that had been purchased in Finland.

The EuroMillions results that saw the triple-rollover jackpot brought down were 03, 10, 18, 31 and 37, along with the Lucky Star numbers 02 and 04. Although the jackpot winner was obviously the game’s biggest success story on Friday night, one ticket also did very well at the second-tier level by matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star for a massive consolation prize of €1,698,397.

Six tickets matched five main numbers without either of the Lucky Stars to win €94,355 (£63,866) each, and another 63 tickets matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars for a fourth-tier prize of €4,493 (£3,041) each. The total number of prizes won in the EuroMillions game on Friday was 2,832,734, and the winning Millionaire Raffle number in the UK was QCM991417.

The main numbers drawn in the EuroJackpot game were 04, 13, 28, 37 and 38, and the Euro numbers were 07 and 08. The jackpot had rolled over 12 times in a row since the previous win in October 2012, and because 12 consecutive rollovers is the maximum according to EuroJackpot rules, it would have been rolled down had no player landed the top prize on Friday. That didn’t happen, of course, because a Finnish jackpot winner came along at just the right time.

Two tickets won a second-tier EuroJackpot prize of €293,478 (£249,867) each by matching the five main numbers and one Euro number, but surprisingly no player managed to match the five main numbers only, so the third-tier prize level was completely vacant. Of course, there were plenty of other winners at the lower levels, and the total number of prizes landed was 582,994.

We now have two brand new jackpots to look forward to in the next EuroMillions and Eurojackpot draws. The EuroMillions jackpot this Tuesday will be worth €15 million and the top prize in the EuroJackpot game this Friday will be worth €10 million. Click here to buy your tickets online and good luck with your numbers!

Published: Mon, 28 January 2013 - 8:36am
Last Updated: Thu, 8 December 2016 - 1:58pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com