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How to Get Lucky

EuroMillions and getting lucky go hand in hand – so much so that UK lottery organisers have published the results of research into exactly what it takes to “get lucky” with members of the opposite sex. Players in Austria, France, Spain and the United Kingdom were asked to name the physical attributes that they looked for in a partner, and the findings of this European study make very interesting reading:


49% of Austrian men prefer their ladies to be slim rather than curvy. 29% prefer black hair and 39% want blue eyes. This would make Natalie Imbruglia and Courtney Cox Arquette perfect ladies for Austrian males.

Women in Austria would prefer someone like Jesse Metcalfe, because 41% like his toned physique, 39% love black hair and 37% go for blue eyes.


44% of respondents said that brown was their favourite hair colour. 39% liked blue eyes the best and 30% appreciated curves in a woman. All of that considered, getting a date with someone like Angelina Jolie might make men in France feel like they’ve won a EuroMillions jackpot.

52% of women in France appreciate men who have an average build. They also prefer brown hair (44%) and green eyes (39%). Josh Harnett should therefore go down well.

In Spain, 53% of men love green eyes. Couple this with black hair (45%) and a curvy body (39%) and someone like Rihanna should be a real hit.

Women in Spain would prefer someone like Clive Owen, because of his green eyes (53%), black hair (51%) and toned physique (41%).

United Kingdom

38% of men in the UK prefer blondes, and 58% would like blue eyes. 44% like women to be curvy rather than slim, and only 16% of men said they preferred a female with a toned physique. Holly Willoughby would therefore make an ideal woman for many British men.

Women in the UK might go for someone like James McAvoy, because 48% prefer brown hair, 42% like blue eyes best of all and 43% want their man to be toned.

Relating the findings of this research to the fourth EuroMillions birthday draw (which is a superdraw) a spokesperson for the UK lottery organisers said: “Looks clearly play a huge role in attraction but even if you don’t match the physical criteria for the perfect partner, there is still a chance to get lucky in Europe with this Friday’s £95 million estimated jackpot on EuroMillions.

“This Friday’s jackpot has to be won so if the jackpot rolls down, we could see several multi-millionaires across Europe created in a single night.”


Published: Fri, 8 February 2008 - 11:32am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 2:43pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com