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How Well Do UK Players Do on EuroMillions?

EuroMillions attracts a lot of attention thanks to its amazing jackpots and 13 prize tiers, but sadly not all of it is positive - even though it’s the best chance for Brits to win big. Many UK participants often express dissatisfaction at a perceived lack of British winners, especially around Superdraws or other major events:

“Why bother, someone from France always wins it.”

“Oh, look, another winner from Portugal. Great.”

“Why aren’t there more UK winners?”

The truth of the matter is that the UK does very well overall on EuroMillions, despite having a much smaller population in comparison to the eight other countries combined. Out of 306 EuroMillions jackpot winners, the UK can boast of 47, including Adrian and Gillian Bayford, who won £148.5 million (€190 million), as well as Chris and Colin Weir, whose £161.1 million prize (€185 million) is the largest sterling prize on record. Britain comes in fifth on the leaderboard with 18 percent of the jackpot winners.

On average, UK EuroMillions players tend to take home quite a bit of cash after each draw. In the last game alone, held on Tuesday 17th March, there were 468,118 UK prize winners who scooped a combined £2.8 million in the main draw, which was far and away the largest amount of money won in a participating country during a rollover game.

In comparison, look at Luxembourg, a tiny nation of just 543,202 people. Despite participating in EuroMillions for over ten years, they’ve seen just two jackpot winners in that time and one of them was in January of this year. They’ve contributed just 0.7% to the total percentage of top prize winners. You can look at the Winners page to see a country-by-country breakdown.

So, as it turns out, the UK does quite well for itself on this pan-European lottery game. While there may not be as many jackpot winners here as there are in France or Spain, it’s still a pretty good show.

Your next chance to beat the odds and take the title for the UK (or any other country) will be tonight, when five main numbers and two Lucky Stars will be drawn in Paris. With a top prize of £32 million (€45 million) on offer, taking a chance on what could be the windfall of a lifetime would be well worth it. Buy your tickets online via the Play EuroMillions page or in person from authorised retailers. Good luck!

Published: Fri, 20 March 2015 - 9:53am
Last Updated: Mon, 15 June 2015 - 8:55am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com