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Irish EuroMillions Jackpot Finally Claimed by Family Syndicate

The Irish winners of the €30 million EuroMillions jackpot from 11th February have come forward to receive their prize, almost two months after the draw took place. They have experienced a mixture of emotions since the winning moment and are now excited about what the future holds.

There was a single winning ticket for the draw in February, when the numbers selected were 13, 18, 38, 42 and 45, plus Lucky Stars 7 and 11. It emerged afterwards that the all-important entry had been sold in Ireland, at Larkin’s Gala service station in Killaloe. It was the first EuroMillions jackpot won in Ireland since 2020.

Winners in Ireland have a 90-day claim period, and the eight-figure prize has now been paid out about halfway towards the deadline. It has gone to a family syndicate from Co Clare, who have spent the last few weeks letting the news sink in and getting financial advice.

They did not realise their good fortune immediately, and they could not disguise their feelings of shock and joy when the big win was later confirmed.

A statement from the family, who have decided to remain anonymous, said: “The draw was on the Friday night but we didn’t check our ticket straight away so we were totally oblivious to the big win at the start.

“It was probably about two days before we found out that we won the jackpot so you can imagine the range of emotions that we went through then.

“When we heard on the radio that the winning ticket was sold in a shop located on the border of Clare, Limerick and Tipperary, that kind of triggered something and we were quick to scan the ticket then. Initially, we got the message on the app to say that we had won big and to contact the National Lottery.

"It was only at that point that we realised just how much the ticket in front of us was actually worth. I’d say the person on the other end of the line could hear us all jumping up and down in the house on that call. To hear that you’ve won over €30 million just isn’t something that you ever expect!"

Having had a few weeks to consider their options and speak to financial experts, the winners are clear that they want to use the money wisely to benefit the family as much as possible. They are also keen to start travelling again after a difficult time for everyone since the start of the pandemic.

The family spokesperson said: “The focus of the win is to look after family and that’s exactly what we’ve said since the start. The plan is to pay off mortgages and buy new homes. I think a few of us are eager to upgrade our cars too. After the last two years, we’re really looking forward to planning some extended holidays over the coming months.”

Ireland has now had 19 jackpot winners since EuroMillions started in 2004, out of a total of 383. There is a chance to add to that tally every Tuesday and Friday night, and you can take part online or by visiting an authorised retailer in any of the nine participating countries.

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Published: Tue, 5 April 2022 - 9:57am
Last Updated: Tue, 5 April 2022 - 9:59am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com