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Irish Players Could Miss Out on EuroMillions Fortunes

EuroMillions players in Ireland could be set to miss out on two six-figure prizes that will expire in the next few days if no one presents the winning tickets. Irish lottery winners have 90 days following the draw in which to claim their awards, after which they are forfeited, meaning that a €191,461 winner from Galway has until Thursday afternoon to come forward and Cork player who is due €381,863 must make contact before Thursday 4th August.

The Galway ticket was purchased at the Tesco in the city’s Galway Shopping Centre and was valid for the draw on Friday 29th April. The player matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star on the night, but has so far failed to surface and claim their cash. Locals are being urged to turn out the pockets of their trousers and root through any old purses and wallets to find the winning slip, which could take a large chunk out of somebody’s mortgage.

The slip bought in Cork was entered into the draw on Friday 6th May and was also picked up at a Tesco store, this time in the Market Green Shopping Centre in Midleton in the east of the county. The ticket holder also matched five main numbers and a Lucky Star for a sum that could see them snap up the four-bedroom Riverside House in nearby Ladysbridge, boasting an array of original features, which is currently on sale for €295,000. There would also be plenty left in the player’s bank account to fill the double garage with two brand new shiny motors!

Irish EuroMillions players have had a run of luck in the game this year, with a syndicate of Dublin bus drivers scooping a €23.8 million jackpot earlier this month and an anonymous group of friends from Carlow sharing €132.2 million with a French ticket holder on 29th January. However, the good fortune could be about to run out for the two mystery winners if they fail to show up to Irish National Lottery headquarters in Dublin before 5:30pm on the final day of their respective claims periods. Both are being urged to call lottery officials on 01 836 4444 before the prizes expire.

Players in the different EuroMillions nations have varying periods of time in which to claim prizes. UK players must present their tickets within 180 days, French participants have 60 days and Austrian winners can take three years to come forward.

The game returns tonight with a £51 million (€61 million) jackpot and you can buy EuroMillions tickets online or from authorised retailers in each of the nine participating countries. If you do buy a physical ticket, make sure you use the EuroMillions Checker soon after the draw takes place to see if you are a winner!

Published: Tue, 26 July 2016 - 10:14am
Last Updated: Tue, 4 October 2016 - 8:27am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com