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July Quadruple Rollover for EuroMillions Players

EuroMillions players who like their jackpots to be on the heavy side of €50 million are smiling wide this week because the jackpot this Friday is estimated to be worth around €52 million (around £42 million). That’s right, the top prize rolled over for the fourth time running in the midweek game on Tuesday, and now lottery fans everywhere are wondering if they will be lucky enough to land the EuroMillions jackpot this time around. 

Four tickets came very close to winning the jackpot on Tuesday, but ended up matching five main numbers and just one of the two Lucky Stars to win a second-tier prize of €283,044 (£202,942) instead. 11 tickets matched the five main numbers without either Lucky Star number to win €34,308 (£24,599) each, and 51 tickets picked up a fourth-tier prize of €3,700 (£2,653) each. There were 2,048,660 winning tickets across the next nine prize tiers to make 2,048,726 winners in total, and as always one player in the United Kingdom won £1 million by matching the Millionaire Raffle number, which was VVH223501.

The Lucky Star number 06 which was drawn on Tuesday was previously identified as being one of the most overdue to appear, rewarding anyone who chose to include that number among their selections. The most overdue Lucky Star numbers are now 04 and 02, and the most overdue main numbers are unchanged, so look out for 42, 23, 45, 33 and 06. Our EuroMillions Statistics page provides more details on these and all other EuroMillions numbers for those who are interested.

Players in the UK who are looking forward to the 100 Millionaire Raffle game on Friday 27 July (which will create 100 winners of £1 million each) should note that it is already possible to secure an entry for that game by entering their numbers for the next seven draws in advance. Not everyone will want to do this, but it is a very useful facility, especially for those who will be going on their summer holidays at some point over the next few weeks.

Getting back to the excitement that is already on our doorstep, we now have that €52 million quadruple jackpot to play for this Friday 6 July. Play EuroMillions online today and if Lady Luck is on your side you just might wake up a multi-millionaire jackpot winner this Saturday!

Written by Tim Reynolds

Published: Thu, 5 July 2012 - 10:16am
Last Updated: Wed, 18 September 2019 - 3:15pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com