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Landlord Hails ‘Luckiest’ Pub After Incredible EuroMillions Win

EuroMillions creates big winners in each draw, but one small corner of the UK could lay claim to being the luckiest place anywhere in Europe after delivering another astonishing success story. Ian Brooke, landlord of The Mallard in Scunthorpe, certainly believes that fortune has smiled on his pub after he joined a couple of his regulars in becoming a millionaire.

Brooke, who won £1 million in the UK Millionaire Maker on Friday 28th July, is a regular EuroMillions player and now intends to honour a promise to give £125,000 each to two close friends. Presented with his cheque on Tuesday morning, Brooke told reporters: “Andrew, Rashad and I buy a ticket each every Tuesday and Friday. We always said to each other if one of us wins we will share the winnings – so that is exactly what I plan to do.”

Ian and his pals were joined at their presentation by David and Kathleen Long, who were already regarded among the luckiest EuroMillions players of all time after winning the £1 million Millionaire Maker prize on two separate occasions, defying odds of 283 billion to one. The Longs first became millionaires in 2013, but kept playing and pocketed another £1 million in March 2015.

The Mallard is the Longs’ local pub and Bruce now hopes that he could also win again in the future, or at least that the good luck will rub off on other regular customers. He said: “The Mallard has to be the luckiest pub in the UK, if not Europe. Three big National Lottery wins in four years – it is absolutely amazing.I think David’s good luck and good fortune must be rubbing off on us all. We will definitely all be continuing to play.”

While Ian says he is still ‘pinching himself’ to believe that he really has won, the 43-year-old is already starting to think about what to do with the money. Having worked at The Mallard for more than 18 years, he is looking forward to relaxing and has his heart set on a holiday home in Benidorm, as well as a car for each of his four children.

If you would like to grab a huge EuroMillions prize, you don’t have to travel to Scunthorpe to buy a ticket. You can visit any authorised retailer in one of the nine participating countries or choose your numbers online. Good luck!

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Published: Tue, 15 August 2017 - 12:00pm
Last Updated: Thu, 11 January 2018 - 2:58pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com