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Live EuroMillions Draw Updates: Friday 15th October

Follow live updates from the 15th October EuroMillions draw as players go in search of a record-breaking £184 million jackpot. The results will be published as soon as they are available around 8:15pm.

21:47 - That’s it for the live updates tonight. Thank you for joining us on such a historic night. The next draw will take place on Tuesday and give you another chance to win big!

21:44 - Now that the top prize has been won, the jackpot cap will be increased by €10 million to €230 million. The latest record may not last too long, but the winner won’t care one bit about that as they look forward to life with €220 million in their bank account. You can keep checking back on Euro-Millions.com in the coming days to find out more news about the winner. When will they come forward? Will they go public?

21:19 - Congratulations to everyone who has won a prize. With the jackpot capped, there was also an enhanced prize pot for the players in the next category down, so it really was a spectacular night for lots of ticket holders.

In total, seven players across the continent each won more than €4.6 million for matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star, thanks to the jackpot being at the cap. We're now waiting for the prize breakdown details for the remaining countries and the winning UK Millionaire Maker code, which should be available shortly.

21:10 - THE JACKPOT HAS BEEN WON! It's been confirmed that the record has been broken. One very lucky player has matched all the numbers and won a jackpot worth €220 million. The winning ticket was sold in France.

Visit the Results page to see all the details from tonight's draw, including those all important winning numbers. You can see the number of winners from each country as the participating national lotteries release their prize breakdown information.

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20:53 - Use the Ticket Checker if you’ve got multiple entries to check. It’s a quick and simple way to find out if you’ve won any of the prizes available. Prize amounts for tonight's draw aren't available just yet, but it will let you know if you have any winning combinations.

20:40 - How do those numbers look to you? Have they just made someone the biggest EuroMillions winner in history? We’ll find out shortly if there were any jackpot-winning tickets. Players in Ireland can now check their Ireland Only Raffle codes, they're located at the bottom of tonight's prize breakdown page.

20:17 - The results are in! The main numbers are 21, 26, 31, 34 and 49 with Lucky Stars 2 and 5. Head over to the results page as the prize details are released over the next couple of hours.

20:11– Hold on to your hats, the results will be incoming any minute now! Keep hitting that refresh button and those all-important winning numbers will appear soon…

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20:06 – Is it going to be your lucky day? There have been 517 jackpot winners so far since EuroMillions launched, and 78% of them have come on a Friday.

19:59 - Winning the grand prize tonight would instantly make you the biggest jackpot winner in EuroMillions history. Take a look at some of the previous record jackpots that have been won since the game launched:

  • 1st place: €210 Million winner from Switzerland, February 2021
  • 2nd place: €200 Million winner from France, December 2020
  • 3rd place: €190 Million winner from the UK, October 2019
  • 4th place: €190 Million winner from Las Palmas, Spain in October 2017
  • 5th place: €190 Million winner from Castelo Branco, Portugal in October 2014
  • 6th place: €190 Million won by the Bayfords in the UK back in August 2012

This means that the three biggest jackpots (including the current €220 Million grand prize) have all been offered within the last year!

19:52 – Not long to wait now. The draw will be taking place in Paris in the next few minutes.

19:35 – If there’s a winner tonight, they will instantly become the biggest EuroMillions winner of all time. They will become richer than the Swiss player who won €210 back in February, as well as more famous names such as singing sensation Adele.

19:27 - For those that like to take a statistical approach to choosing your numbers, the most common EuroMillions numbers following Tuesday's draw are: 5, 20, 23, 27 and 42, with Lucky Stars 2 and 3. Head over to the statistics page for more details.

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19:05 – There’s not long left to get your entries for tonight’s draw. Take part now and in around an hour’s time you might have landed a prize. Even if you fall short of the jackpot, remember that there are 12 other prize categories. You can win by matching as few as two of the main numbers, or even one number plus both Lucky Stars.

18:57 - A final point on the jackpot cap. It can stay at €220 million for five draws at the most before it has to be won in that fifth and final draw. This is only the second draw at the cap, though, so there would be another opportunity to aim for the record jackpot on Tuesday if nobody wins tonight.

18:47 - As the jackpot hasn’t been able to grow since the last draw, the prize money that would normally be added on top has had to go elsewhere. And that place is the prize tier below the jackpot, assuming there are players in that category for matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star. With so much more prize money than usual going to this category, you might end up with a multimillion-pound payout this evening even without matching all the numbers!

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18:20 - If you thought the jackpot cap was a special hat you are given to wear if you win EuroMillions, sadly that’s not the case. The jackpot cap is the maximum that can be offered for winning the top prize, and at the moment the limit is €220 million (approximately £184 million).

18:00 - If you’ve been wondering how the jackpot got so high, it started with a Superdraw three weeks ago on 24th September. A Superdraw is when the top prize gets pushed up to a guaranteed amount - €130 million on this occasion. Nobody won on the night, and the jackpot has been rolling ever since. Or at least it was until it hit its jackpot cap in the last draw…

17:38 - The winning numbers will be revealed shortly after 8pm. In the meantime, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know - if you’ve never heard of a jackpot cap before, you’ll soon be an expert. There’s surely no better way to spend a Friday evening!

16:53 - Whether you’re a regular player or brand new to the game, you’ll probably be aware that this is the BIGGEST jackpot to have ever been seen on EuroMillions. It’s not a draw you want to miss, so make sure you get your entries in now as the build-up starts to the big event.

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16:00 - Welcome to Euro-Millions.com’s live coverage of tonight’s £184 million draw. If you’re already excited about the start of the weekend, well, your day could be about to get a lot better if you match the winning numbers when they’re announced a little later.

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Published: Fri, 15 October 2021 - 4:00pm
Last Updated: Fri, 15 October 2021 - 9:47pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

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