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New Year’s Resolutions for EuroMillions Players

The New Year offers a fresh start for everyone, and many people like to set themselves a handful of resolutions in an effort to improve their lives. Common resolutions are to exercise on a regular basis, quit smoking or take up a new hobby, but lottery players can also set themselves resolutions to help them play their favourite games more effectively. Here are some New Year’s resolutions for EuroMillions players that you might like to think about keeping throughout 2013 and beyond…

1 – Play Regularly

Every week, players have two opportunities to win a EuroMillions jackpot, but you only have a chance of winning in the games that you actually participate in. The easiest way of making sure that you have the chance of benefiting if and when your numbers come up is to play regularly. Enter your numbers in advance for the maximum of eight draws at a time if you want to make keeping this resolution as easy as possible.

2 – Play Online

Whilst purchasing lottery tickets from an offline retail outlet is perfectly acceptable, paper tickets can and do get lost, and if you happen to lose a winning ticket you can say goodbye to your prize forever. In 2012 one player in the UK missed out on a jackpot win worth £63.8 million, so if you don’t want to risk something similar happening to you, make a habit of playing online so that your tickets are safe and secure!

3 – Check Your Tickets

When you play EuroMillions online you will be notified by email if you win a prize, but because email systems can and do fail from time to time (hyperactive spam filters, anyone?) you should also get into the habit of checking your tickets personally. Results are published here at euro-millions.com just as soon as each draw has taken place, so do take advantage of that fact by checking your tickets promptly.

4 – Claim Quickly

If you ever need to claim a EuroMillions prize – usually because it is too big to be paid automatically when playing online – be sure to claim it quickly. The sooner you claim any prize you have won, the sooner you can start enjoying it!

5 – Be an Optimist!

The final New Year’s resolution for EuroMillions players that we would like to recommend is that you be an optimist. The world already has far too many doom-and-gloom merchants, so think positive thoughts, expect good things to happen and Fate just might reward your optimistic spirit with a big win!

Enjoy the year ahead and good luck!

Published: Thu, 3 January 2013 - 10:04am
Last Updated: Thu, 8 December 2016 - 1:54pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com