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Special EuroMillions Draw Beckons For Irish Players on Friday 1st June

EuroMillions players in Ireland will have an extra opportunity to win €1 million on Friday 1st June after it was announced that a special draw will take place. The chance to become a millionaire will come in the Ireland Only Raffle, marking the June Bank Holiday.

How Does the Ireland Only Raffle Work?

Everyone who buys a EuroMillions ticket in Ireland is automatically entered into the Ireland Only Raffle and receives a randomly generated number. Ten winning numbers are then selected on the night and, in standard draws, each player with a matching ticket will win €5,000.

Special Draws

Special draws are scheduled from time to time to tie in with big occasions or public holidays. The game works the same as normal, but the ten winners are also entered into a separate draw. One will then be chosen at random to receive an extra €1 million, taking their total prize to €1,005,000. The other nine players still receive €5,000 each.

The last time a special Ireland Only Raffle took place was on Friday 16th March, ahead of St Patrick’s Day. The winner of the top prize turned out to be a pensioner from Dublin, who declared that he had always wanted to live on a Caribbean island and would now be able to spend at least six months of the year in a sunnier climate.

Big Chances to Win Across Europe

Ireland is not the only country to offer guaranteed big prizes in addition to the main EuroMillions game. The UK Millionaire Maker puts two prizes of £1 million up for grabs every Tuesday and Friday, while My Million in France also gives away €1 million in every draw.

Spain’s El Millon and Portugal’s M1hão create millionaires every Friday night, while Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland all have supplementary games where players can snap up exciting awards. Go to the page on special draws to find out more.

EuroMillions Jackpot Keeps Climbing

There is no reason to wait until Friday 1st June to take part in EuroMillions, though. There will be a jackpot of £50 million (€57 million) available in the next draw, following a rollover on Tuesday night. It was the fourth draw in a row without a winner of the top prize.

Check out the EuroMillions Results page to see a breakdown of the 1.1 million prizes won across the nine participating countries, as well as details of all the different associated draws.

You can take part in the next draw on Friday by visiting any authorised retailer or joining an online syndicate. You can subscribe today to keep your numbers safe and secure, and it could just be that you win a prize big enough to help you buy a second home in the Caribbean. Best of luck!

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Published: Wed, 23 May 2018 - 11:20am
Last Updated: Fri, 6 January 2023 - 1:07pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com