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Special Millionaire Raffle Draw Looms

The special Millionaire Raffle draw which will see 25 EuroMillions lottery players in the UK win £1,000,000 each is just over a week away, and the excitement among British players is almost palpable. As regular readers will be aware, the Millionaire Raffle game was introduced in November 2009 and one entry is automatically included with every line of numbers purchased for the main EuroMillions game. UK players pay a little more for their EuroMillions tickets because of this automatically assigned Millionaire Raffle entry, so players outside the UK should not think that British players are getting something for nothing, because that isn't the case.

There is a Millionaire Raffle draw every Friday, and in normal circumstances just one prize of £1,000,000 is won. However, on Friday 24 December – which is of course Christmas Eve – 25 players will each become a millionaire thanks to the Millionaire Raffle game. This will make the night before Christmas even more exciting than it would be normally, and we haven’t even mentioned the main EuroMillions game that will offer a jackpot big enough to make an outright winner a multi-millionaire!

Of course, if you don’t happen to live in the UK then you won’t be able to participate in the special Millionaire Raffle draw, but that isn’t any reason to be despondent. The EuroMillions double rollover jackpot this Friday 17 December will be worth around €43 million (around £36 million) so you could win more money than you ever dreamed of without needing any help from the Millionaire Raffle game. And if you don’t win a big EuroMillions prize this Friday, you can have a go at winning one on Christmas Eve instead!

Whether you live in the UK and you want to take advantage of the special Millionaire Raffle draw on Friday 24 December, or you are outside the UK and you want to focus on the main EuroMillions draw this Friday 17 December, you can buy EuroMillions tickets online today and make it happen. Enjoy your involvement and good luck!

Published: Thu, 16 December 2010 - 12:16pm
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 11:50am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com