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Special UK Millionaire Maker Draw Set For Friday 12th January

EuroMillions players in the UK will have the opportunity to get 2024 off to a great start when a specially enhanced edition of the Millionaire Maker takes place on Friday 12th January. 

10 UK Millionaires

Instead of one ticket holder winning £1 million like in a regular Millionaire Maker draw, there will be 10 prizes given away. Make sure you check your code afterwards to see if you’re a winner.

To receive one of the £1 million prizes, all the letters and numbers of your nine-digit code must be exactly the same as one of the winning codes, with each one in the correct position.

The prizes are all guaranteed to be won, as only codes that have been generated for tickets are entered into the Millionaire Maker draw. This is different to the main EuroMillions game where the combination of numbers drawn might not match up to any single ticket.

With 10 new millionaires set to be created, you have a far better chance than normal of landing a seven-figure prize. The precise odds depend on how many tickets are sold.

You can also win a prize in the main draw and the Millionaire Maker raffle on the same night.

Exciting Start to 2024

In an exciting start to 2024, the enhanced Millionaire Maker draw on 12th January will be followed by the first Superdraw of the year on Friday 26th January, when the jackpot will be bumped up to € 130 million (approximately £110 million).

It has only been a few weeks since an Austrian player won the biggest-ever EuroMillions jackpot - €240 million - rounding off a record-breaking 2023.

There were 24 jackpot winners in total in 2023, four Superdraws, one European Millionaire Maker, and lots of success for each of the nine participating countries.

If you want to try and pick up a big win at the start of this year, buy a ticket from any authorised lottery retailer or take part online. 

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Published: Wed, 3 January 2024 - 1:18pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com