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Superdraw Success

The EuroMillions Superdraw held on Friday 26 September, 2008 didn’t produce an outright jackpot winner, but it was still a life-changing event for 15 players. That’s because the jackpot rolled down to the players who managed to match five main numbers and one of the two Lucky Star numbers.

Each of the 15 second-tier prize winners scooped €9,184,505 or £7,055,142, depending on their location. Among these winners were four from Britain and one from Belgium.

One of the British winners was 18 year old student Ianthe Fullagar, who still plans to go to university next year to study law even though she is now a multi-millionaire. She celebrated her Superdraw Success by enjoying a family meal of beans on toast and a few glasses of cider.

None of the last three EuroMillions Superdraws have been won outright. Instead, like the one that took place on Friday 26 September, the previous two Superdraw jackpots rolled down to the second tier prize winners. In February 2008, a Superdraw held to celebrate the fourth birthday of EuroMillions resulted in 16 players winning €8.6 million (£6.4 million) each. And in September 2007 the jackpot rolled down to 14 players who each won €9.8 million (£6.9 million).

If the last three draws are anything to go by, playing in EuroMillions Superdraws offers particularly good value for money, because although the odds of matching five main numbers and both Lucky Stars are just 1 in 76,275,360, the odds of becoming a second-tier prize winner are a whole lot better at 1 in 5,448,240. This means you have a 1 in 5.44 million chance of becoming a multi-millionaire if the jackpot rolls down, and you still have a 1 in 76 million chance of winning it outright!

We congratulate all 15 players who enjoyed EuroMillions Superdraw Success last Friday. For the rest of us, we have a nice €15,000,000 jackpot to play for this week.

Published: Wed, 1 October 2008 - 10:50am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 12:35pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com