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Supplementary Games: Adding More Fun to EuroMillions

There is a triple rollover jackpot worth £28 million (€40 million) on offer in tonight’s EuroMillions draw, but did you know that you have extra chances to win other great prizes through supplementary games?

Visitors to Euro-Millions.com may have noticed a small tab at the bottom of each EuroMillions Results page for additional draws by country. While the UK’s Millionaire Maker game is well-known, as are France’s My Million and Ireland’s EuroMillions Plus, other countries that participate in Europe’s biggest lottery game also offer additional games players could enter alongside EuroMillions for the opportunity to win great prizes.

The Joker game, played in different formats in Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg, gives EuroMillions players in those countries the chance to pick up six-figure windfalls. In Austria, Joker is drawn on Wednesdays and Sundays, though players can add it to EuroMillions for a fee of €1.30. Matching all six numbers drawn in exact order nets you the top prize, while lower prizes worth between €1.50 and €7,700 are awarded for matching some of the digits in order.

In Belgium, the Joker+ game combines zodiac symbols with the chance to win a top prize worth a minimum of €200,000. Players pick a star sign when they buy a ticket, which has an automatically generated code of six numbers printed on it. To win the top prize, a player must match the six numbers in exact order as well as the constellation drawn on the night. Other prizes are worth between €1.50 for matching the constellation and €20,000 for matching the six numbers in order.

Luxembourg Joker is fairly straightforward - match the six-digit code in exact order and you’ll scoop a tidy €500,000, all while playing EuroMillions too! Other Luxembourg Joker prizes are worth between €2 for matching the last number and €10,000 for matching the last five numbers.

Switzerland has a similar game called Super-Star, where matching a five-digit code in exact order could see you win a top prize of CHF250,000. Another ten prize tiers are available, offering sums of cash for players who can match anything from the first or last number up to the first two and last two digits.

Visit the Special Draws page to learn more about each supplementary game offered by participating EuroMillions countries.

Whether you’re in Ghent or Graz, Dublin or Dijon, there are a number of supplementary EuroMillions games available to players across several participating countries. For a small fee, you can add some fun to your EuroMillions experience as well as another chance to win big. Why not pay a bit extra and try some of these great games as you buy tickets for tonight’s EuroMillions draw?

Published: Fri, 14 August 2015 - 9:38am
Last Updated: Fri, 6 January 2023 - 1:04pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com