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UK EuroMillions: Facts and Figures (Infographic)

As the EuroMillions jackpot hits an incredible £149 million (€166 million) for the draw on Tuesday 11th October, players across each of the participating countries will be snapping up tickets with the hope that they can become one of the biggest winners in the history of the game. Have a look at some of the most interesting facts and figures about UK EuroMillions!

UK EuroMillions Facts Infographic

The UK does quite well on EuroMillions, often boasting the largest number of prize winners and the largest prize pool on the night, even if no one wins the jackpot. In the last draw on Friday 7th October, there were 1,044,604 EuroMillions winners in the UK who won a combined £4.2 million in prizes, representing 25.4 percent of all winners that evening.

Since 2004, more than £2.2 billion has been paid out to EuroMillions jackpot winners in the UK - that’s close to the value of Bayern Munich FC, which is about $2.6 billion (£2.1 billion). That’s a lot of cash!

Chris and Colin Weir are the UK’s biggest EuroMillions winners, scooping £161.6 million (€185 million) on Tuesday 12th July 2011. The Scottish couple are still in third place on the leaderboard for the biggest EuroMillions jackpot wins, behind the Bayfords (£148.6 million/€190 million) and an anonymous Portuguese player (€190 million).

It didn’t take long for the UK to get started with its winning ways - in April 2004, Marion Richardson from Tyneside won £16.7 million on EuroMillions, becoming the country’s first jackpot winner. The mother-of-five planned to go on a shopping spree in LA with her new fortune - but not before splashing out on new carpeting for her parents’ house.

Since the launch of Millionaire Maker (formerly known as Millionaire Raffle) in November 2009, there have been 1,219 prizes of £1 million given away to UK players. That’s more than £1.2 billion in prizes!

There have been 346 EuroMillions jackpot winners since the first draw on Friday 13th February 2004. It might not be long until the 347th winner comes around!

The UK has 63 EuroMillions jackpot winners, having recently overtaken Portugal for third place on the leaderboard. Spain is in second place with 78 jackpot wins, while France sits atop the podium with 80 jackpots since joining the game.

Did you know that UK EuroMillions holds the record for the most millionaires made in one night? On Friday 27th July 2012, 100 Millionaire Maker codes were drawn to celebrate the London Olympics. Out of these, 97 were claimed - a record which still stands.

The biggest number of jackpot winners in a single draw is five, and this has happened on three different occasions. Most recently, the draw on Friday 2nd September 2016 saw three UK ticket holders as well as one Portuguese and one French player split £32.8 million (€39.2 million).

The most frequently draw main numbers are 50, 44, 4, 19 and 37, while the most frequently drawn Lucky Stars are 8 and 2.

The most overdue main numbers are 47, 20, 18, 33 and 3, while the most overdue Lucky Stars are 5 and 8. Could any of these appear on the winning line soon?

If you’d like to make a name for yourself as the next UK EuroMillions jackpot winner, make sure you play online or through authorised retailers before sales stop tomorrow night. Good luck!

Published: Thu, 6 October 2016 - 3:27pm
Last Updated: Thu, 6 July 2017 - 12:57pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com