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UK Ticket Holder Wins EuroMillions Jackpot Worth £38 Million

The UK’s winning run on EuroMillions has continued after one ticket holder scooped a £38 million jackpot in the latest draw. The lucky player matched all seven numbers to become the country’s third big winner of the year, and National Lottery officials are now urging everyone who played to check their tickets.

The numbers drawn on Tuesday 23rd April were 18, 23, 27, 42 and 44, with Lucky Stars 2 and 7. The top prize had previously rolled over three times in a row since a Portuguese participant landed €79 million (£68 million).

There were over 1.4 million winners altogether across the 13 different prize tiers, including 318,468 from the UK, but the multimillion-pound jackpot all went to one player. The UK has now had 77 jackpot winners since EuroMillions was launched in 2004.

Three of those have come in 2019, after Frances and Patrick Connolly banked £114 million on New Year’s Day and Ade Goodchild pocketed £71 million on 15th March. The latest winner does not have to follow in their footsteps and go public with their story, but they will have to come forward within 180 days to claim their prize.

Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s Winners’ Advisor, said: “Players all across the country are now urged to check their tickets to be in with a chance of claiming this amazing prize.”

Winning Numbers Almost An Exact Copy of 2013 Draw

The winning numbers are almost exactly the same as those that appeared in a previous EuroMillions draw. Back on Tuesday 26th November 2013, the five main numbers were 19, 23, 27, 42 and 44. The last four of those are identical to last night’s draw, and the only difference is that 18 was selected in the latest draw instead of 19. Remarkably, the draw in November 2013 also produced one UK jackpot winner.

Go to the Statistics page to find out more about numbers that are commonly drawn together, plus information about the frequency of each number, the most overdue numbers and much more.

Big Winners

The biggest win ever achieved in the UK still belongs to Chris and Colin Weir, who bagged £161 million in 2011. They purchased their ticket from a McColls store in their local town of Largs, Ayrshire, and have gone on to help good causes throughout Scotland and the UK through the Weir Charitable Trust.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford became the UK’s second-largest winners when they scooped £148 million in a draw in August 2012. They won with a Lucky Dip ticket purchased in a Premier Convenience Store on Queen Street, Haverhill, and quickly set about buying cars, helicopter flights and new mansions.

No more information will be revealed about where the latest winning ticket was sold unless a couple of weeks go past without the player coming forward, or unless they decide to share their story with the world when they claim the money.

In the meantime, the jackpot will reset to £14 million for the next draw on Friday night. You can take part online or by visiting an authorised retailer. Best of luck!

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Published: Wed, 24 April 2019 - 8:16am
Last Updated: Wed, 24 April 2019 - 9:10am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com