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Valentine’s Day Jackpot Scooped by Spanish Winner

It was a Valentine’s Day to remember for one lucky EuroMillions player after they scooped the £20 million (€25 million) jackpot in Friday’s draw. The winning ticket was bought in Madrid, Spain and was the only ticket across nine countries to correctly match all seven numbers drawn. This means the Spanish ticket holder will be the sole claimant of the top prize and will take home a grand total of £20,927,566 (€25,543,227).

The draw also saw six players share a second tier prize pool of £1,124,820 (€1,581,480) after successfully matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star. One of these tickets was purchased in the UK and the player will receive a guaranteed prize of £187,470 (€263,580). Other wins on the night include ten Match 5 prizes of £37,494 (€52,716), 91 prizes of £2,060 (€2,896) and a further 2,821,456 prizes worth between £2.90 (€4.10) and £107 (€150). A full prize breakdown for the draw can be found on the EuroMillions Results page.

This latest jackpot claim is the third big win of the year for lucky Spain which has had the most EuroMillions jackpot winners so far in 2014. The previous EuroMillions jackpot was also claimed by a Spanish ticket holder, on 7th February, and was worth more than £20 million (€25 million). In 2013, France was deemed the luckiest country in EuroMillions but if things continue as they are, Spain could easily snatch the title.

The next EuroMillions draw takes place on Tuesday 18th February and, as the top prize was won on Friday, the jackpot value will return to the minimum of £12 million (€15 million).

Published: Mon, 17 February 2014 - 11:57am
Last Updated: Thu, 6 July 2017 - 12:04pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com