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Value of UK EuroMillions Superdraw Prizes Explained

Friday’s EuroMillions Superdraw saw a Portuguese player collect a mighty €100 million, but why was the jackpot in the UK £72 million when October 2014’s €100 million Superdraw total was over £78 million? It’s all due to EuroMillions taking the Euro as its base currency and the fluctuations in its exchange rate with sterling.

The pound is growing stronger on the international markets, which is great news if you are travelling to the Eurozone on holiday anytime soon, because your sterling will buy you more Euros, meaning you can afford more fancy bread, creamy brie and local red wine. However, for tourists travelling to Britain from France, Spain, Italy and any other country that uses the Euro, they will receive fewer pounds for their currency and the same happens when EuroMillions prizes are converted for UK winners.

Currencies shift in value all the time which means that, although Cambridgeshire players Adrian and Gillian Bayford scooped the highest amount possible in terms of a Euro prize in August 2012 - €190 million - they pocketed £148.6 million. This is in contrast to Chris and Colin Weir, of Largs in Scotland, who ‘only’ won €185 million in July 2011 but, due to the exchange rate at the time, became £161.6 million richer! Read more about the Weirs and Bayfords at the Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot Ever page.

The UK did very well in Friday’s EuroMillions draw, creating the most prize winners of any participating country with just over 1 million successful tickets. Second was France, with 904,091 winners and Spain followed closely behind with 899,944 players claiming cash amounts.

In terms of prize amounts, UK players snapped up just over €9 million, second only to Portugal, obviously, where players claimed just €3.7 million in addition to the €100 million EuroMillions jackpot.

If you want to join the hugely successful ranks of UK EuroMillions players, then tonight’s draw is offering a £10 million (€15 million) jackpot alongside another £1 million prize in UK Millionaire Maker. You can buy EuroMillions tickets online now or visit an authorised retailer in any participating country, and perhaps you could spend some of your sterling winnings on a villa in Spain and use the exchange rate to your advantage!

Published: Tue, 10 March 2015 - 10:11am
Last Updated: Tue, 28 June 2022 - 3:28pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com