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What Credit Crunch?

The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over six times so far, leading to an anticipated jackpot of around £92 million for the draw on Friday 5 September, 2008. This is £15 million more than the £77 million jackpot won by Delores McNamara in July 2005.

If you are lucky enough to win £92 million this Friday, your biggest challenge will be figuring out how to spend it. Even if you gave away 10% to family and friends, another 10% to charity and invested 50% for the future, you’d still have £27.6 million to spend on a new home, new cars, a wardrobe full of designer clothes, luxurious jewellery and anything else that takes your fancy.

Published: Fri, 5 September 2008 - 9:08am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 2:43pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com