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Why No EuroMillions Claim?

Despite the fact that the EuroMillions jackpot of £113,019,926 was won on Friday 8 October by a single ticket bought in the UK, no player has yet come forward to make their claim. This might sound unusual, but in fact it isn’t nearly as uncommon for players to take their time in claiming prizes as most people think. And why is that? Well, there are several good reasons why a EuroMillions winner might not make their claim straight away, or even within a few days of winning their prize, and in this article we thought it would be interesting to identify a few of the most common ones…

Lack of Knowledge
A EuroMillions winner can only claim their prize if they are aware of the fact that they have won in the first place. Those who play EuroMillions online are notified of any win automatically, but those who buy their tickets the old-fashioned way need to check the EuroMillions results against the numbers that they entered to realise that they have won. If such players don’t check their tickets, they won’t be aware of their win and obviously won’t come forward to claim their prize.

Closely related to lack of knowledge is absence. It has sometimes been the case that a EuroMillions winner has been aware of their success but has been unable to make a claim for practical reasons. For example, they could be absent from the country in which they purchased their ticket, perhaps because they are on holiday. Or maybe the winner is physically unable to make a claim for some other reason, such as a temporary illness.

Winning a EuroMillions jackpot can be a big shock, and some jackpot winners feel physically unable to make their claim until they have allowed this initial sense of shock to subside a little. Some players wait just a few hours to come forward, but others wait days or even weeks. This might be frustrating for other EuroMillions players who are keen to find out who has won, but there is no rule which states that winners must make their claim immediately, so they are free to claim when they please – as long as it is before the official claims deadline in the country concerned.

Sense of Drama
One more reason why some EuroMillions winners don’t claim their prize straight away is simply because they have a sense of drama and like to keep people guessing. We don’t think that many winners belong to this ‘dramatic’ category, but there are definitely a few that seem to have waited for the media to get into a frenzy before coming forward, so it warrants inclusion here.

Quite why the latest EuroMillions winner hasn’t yet come forward is something that we will no doubt discover in due course, but the chances are good that it is for one of the reasons stated above. And the next time you wonder why there has been no EuroMillions claim, you now have several good reasons to consider.

Published: Tue, 12 October 2010 - 10:41am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 11:48am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com