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World Cup EuroMillions Win

Whilst football fans around the globe were celebrating the start of the World Cup 2010 last Friday 11 June, the owner of one EuroMillions ticket had an even bigger cause to celebrate. That’s because yet another ticket purchased in the UK matched the five main numbers and both Lucky Star numbers to win the €15 million jackpot (around £12,408,000 in Sterling). Whether the owner of that ticket discovered the win on the day of the draw itself we don’t yet know, but we’re pretty sure that if the winner has a vuvuzela sitting around somewhere they will be soon be blowing it just as loudly as anyone in South Africa.

The EuroMillions results for Friday 11 June were 02, 22, 24, 36 and 44, and the Lucky Star numbers were 01 and 02. Although the person who bought the jackpot-winning ticket had the biggest reason to celebrate, there were plenty of other winners who scored themselves a prize worthy of a Mexican wave or two. One UK player won £1 million thanks to the Millionaire Raffle number VRK095315, whilst eight players across Europe won €371,744 (around £263,598) each by matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

Another nine EuroMillions players won €93,773 (around £66,493) each after matching the five main numbers but no Lucky Stars, and 102 players matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win €5,910 (around £4,190) each. All told, more than 1.57 million EuroMillions prizes were won last Friday, and if you weren’t luck enough to win one of them then you can play for a new jackpot of €15 million (and plenty of other prizes) this Friday 18 June.

Followers of our EuroMillions statistics may have noted that one ‘overdue’ main number (02) and one ‘overdue’ Lucky Star number (01) made an appearance in last Friday’s draw, so we have a new set of overdue numbers to present to you this week. The most overdue main numbers now are 48, 13, 41, 20 and 14, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 05 and 06.

The headlines of the world will of course continue to focus on the World Cup over the next few weeks, but if you play EuroMillions online you could well make your own life-changing headlines in the financial department. Good luck and we hope you score enough numbers to clinch yourself a jackpot-winning result!

Published: Mon, 14 June 2010 - 10:12am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 11:39am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com