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UK Euro Millions
Batch Number: 9-28-36-41-49
Winners Number: 5-7
Reference: UK/EU/ML/0783

Dear Winner,

We wish to congratulate you on your mobile number success in our Euro Millions mobile number vote/ballot. This promotional program is aimed at encouraging mobile phone users world wide to play our National, Thunder ball and Euro Millions Lottery Draw by text. It is sponsored by the National, Thunder ball and Euro Millions Lottery companies here in the United Kingdom. Mobile numbers were selected at random worldwide for the sake of this promo. Your mobile phone number was attached to ticket/batch number 9-28-36-41-49, which drew the lucky numbers: 5 and 7, winning the lottery of £ 1,000, 000.00. (One Million Thousand British Pounds).

Provide the following details to process the release of your winnings and winners certificate:

  1. First Name:
  2. Middle Name:
  3. Last Name:
  4. Address:
  5. City:
  6. State/Province:
  7. Zip Code:
  8. Mobile Phone Number:
  9. Home Phone Number:
  10. E-mail Address:
  11. Fax Number:
  12. Occupation:
  13. Gender:
  14. Age:
  15. Nationality:

Once again, Congratulations.


Note: All winnings MUST be claimed in 2 weeks otherwise all winnings will be returned as unclaimed funds.

Peter Blake
Claims Manager
UK Euro Millions Lottery