Super-Star is a Swiss game that offers prizes of up to CHF250,000. You need to match a winning five-digit code in full to receive the top prize, but there are even prizes for matching just the first or last digit.

You can play Super Star alongside EuroMillions for an additional fee, but it is a standalone game so you can also take part without entering the main draw. The EuroMillions Super Star game has been available in Switzerland since November 2010.

Super-Star Results

The last five Super-Star results are shown below. You can see how many of the five digits you have matched. Select a date to view all the details from that particular draw.

How to Play

You can play Super Star on its own or by adding it to your EuroMillions playslip. It is possible to play up to four combinations at the same time, at a price of CHF2.00 each.

Each Super Star entry consists of a randomly-generated five-digit code, with a letter at either end and three numbers in the middle. If you play online, you can accept the code that is offered or reject it in favour of another, automatically generated one.

When the draw takes place, one winning code is drawn at random.

Super Star Checker

Type your Super Star code into the Checker below to find out if you have won a prize. The Checker will calculate for you whether you have matched enough digits to win a prize.


You win prizes for matching the digits of the winning code in the right order. There is a jackpot of CHF250,000 if you match all five in the right order. If multiple players match all five digits, they each win CHF250,000.

The table below shows the different ways to win and the estimated prize amounts. Actual prize values will vary from draw to draw based on the number of winners in each tier:

Match Prize
All five digits in the right order CHF250,000 (fixed amount per winner)
The first two and the last two digits CHF5,000
The first three digits and the last digit CHF2,000
The first digit and the last three digits CHF2,000
The first four or the last four digits CHF1,000
The first two digits and the last digit CHF275
The first digit and the last two digits CHF275
The first three or last three digits CHF50 (maximum amount possible)
The first and last digits CHF20
The first two or the last two digits CHF10
The first or last digit CHF4

You have 26 weeks to claim any prizes won in Switzerland. Prizes are only taxable above CHF1 million.