UK Millionaire Maker - How it Works

The UK Millionaire Maker gives UK players the chance to win a guaranteed £1 million prize in each standard EuroMillions draw.

This page provides an in-depth explanation of how the UK Millionaire Maker works. For a brief overview, please visit the main UK Millionaire Maker page.

Unlike the main EuroMillions game, which has set odds due to a set number of possible combinations, the odds for the UK Millionaire Maker game will vary between draws. The reason for this variation in odds is because Millionaire Maker works exactly like a traditional raffle, where the odds are calculated based on how many tickets have been entered into the draw.

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InformationDid you know? The UK Millionaire Maker is a separate game to European Millionaire Maker, which is played in all participating EuroMillions countries. Find out more below.

How the codes are generated

For every line of EuroMillions numbers sold in the UK, a unique serial code is generated in the format of the UK Millionaire Maker number. These consist of four letters and five numbers, starting with H, J, M, T, V, X and Z and are also entered into the European Millionaire Maker draw whenever that game is played.

Codes bought in advance of a particular draw will generally contain the same two middle letters (the second and third digits of the code). All codes generated for an upcoming draw are automatically entered into the system from which the winning Millionaire Maker numbers will be selected. Each individual code has a separate and equal chance of winning a prize, regardless of when, where or by whom it was purchased.

The two middle letters of the code will then change for the next draw. There is a common misconception that the letters drawn as part of the UK Millionaire Maker code in some way affect your chances of winning. This is not the case. Like a traditional raffle, the actual code sequence on the ticket is irrelevant and does not influence your chances of winning; it is simply used to distinguish your ticket from any other ticket purchased for the same draw.

UK Millionaire Maker numbers are only valid for one draw, except where a ticket has been purchased for multiple draws, with players able to buy entries for up to four consecutive weeks in advance. As the system recognises an entry for multiple draws, the UK Millionaire Maker code generated for those draws will be included in all of the draws covered by the ticket. However, Direct Debit players have a brand new UK Millionaire Maker code generated for each draw into which they are entered.

How the winning code is selected

All UK Millionaire Maker codes that are valid for the next draw are entered into an Automated Draw Machine (ADM). Millionaire Maker codes purchased on multiple-draw tickets which are still valid will also be entered into the ADM. These machines have been used in the UK for many years, and 'ERNIE', the system used for selecting Premium Bond winners, is probably the best known example. An ADM ensures EuroMillions can operate a fast, reliable and completely random Millionaire Maker draw. The selected entry wins a guaranteed prize of £1 million.

Why the UK Millionaire Maker odds vary for each draw

The odds for winning UK Millionaire Maker vary based on the day of the draw and whether or not a rollover has occurred because the National Lottery sets their predicted odds of winning based on projected ticket sales. Friday draws and those boasting a big jackpot in the main EuroMillions game tend to attract more players than Tuesday draws and those at the base jackpot level of €17 million (around £14 million). When fewer people enter, your odds of winning are improved.

The table below provides a realistic approximation of the odds of winning the UK Millionaire Maker prize in a draw at the base jackpot of €17 million, with figures based on anticipated ticket sales:

Draw Day Approximate Odds of Winning
Tuesday 1 in 3,570,000
Friday 1 in 5,080,000

Frequently asked questions about the UK Millionaire Maker

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about UK Millionaire Maker:

  1. What is the UK Millionaire Maker game? Why did the name change?
  2. If I buy multi-draw EuroMillions tickets, can I still win the UK Millionaire Maker?
  3. Usually the raffle sequence changes each draw, why does the latest code start with the same letter used in the previous draw?
  4. Can I play the UK Millionaire Maker if I don't live in the UK?


  1. The UK Millionaire Maker game gives UK players of EuroMillions the chance to win an additional prize of £1 million in every EuroMillions draw. The National Lottery Commission changed the name of the game from “Millionaire Raffle” to “UK Millionaire Maker” in October 2014 as part of larger changes to the structure of the game. This page provides an in-depth explanation of how the UK Millionaire Maker works, but for a brief overview, please visit the main UK Millionaire Maker page.
  2. Yes. Players have the option to pre-purchase EuroMillions tickets up to four weeks in advance for one or both of the weekly draws which are held on Tuesday and Friday evenings. This means that players can pre-purchase tickets for up to eight draws in advance and the ticket will include one unique UK Millionaire Maker code for each line of EuroMillions numbers purchased. Although the code is the same for each draw, it is entered into every draw for which a EuroMillions ticket has been purchased and has exactly the same chance of winning as any other raffle code.
  3. This is because a multiple-draw EuroMillions ticket was selected to win the guaranteed prize. For more information please read the explanation on this page.
  4. Yes, it is possible to play the UK version of EuroMillions which includes the UK Millionaire Maker draw via our recommended lottery concierge service. Tickets are scanned as proof of purchase and any winnings are automatically paid into your account.