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Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie (German Christmas Lottery)

Following the popularity of the Spanish Christmas Lottery (El Gordo de Navidad), lottery organisers in Germany have announced a new lottery in a similar format that will take place annually. The first draw will take place on Boxing Day 2017 and every tenth ticket will win a prize. The main prize is €300,000 and by entering the draw, players will be supporting charitable causes of the partner foundations.


The results for the first Weihnachtslotterie draw will be displayed here after the draw has taken place on 26th December 2017 at 7:40pm.


Each player receives a ticket that consists of a five-digit number combination between 00000 and 99999. A 'Los-Serie' (Lot Series) consists of 100,000 lots, which means there are many prizes to be won in each series, including the top prize.

In prize tiers 1-4, you must match the five-digit combination drawn in exactly the same order to win the prize for that tier. The fifth prize tier only requires you to match the final number correctly to win the €20 prize. You can find out more about the distribution of winnings per series in the table below:

Prize Tier Number of Prizes Prize per Winner Prize Fund Available Prizes
1 1 €300,000 €300,000 1 x five-digit combination
2 2 €25,000 €50,000 2 x five-digit combinations
3 20 €2,500 €50,000 20 x five-digit combinations
4 200 €250 €50,000 200 x five-digit combinations
5 9,959 €20 €199,000 Correct final digit

The total prize fund for a series is €649,000.

How to play the Weihnachtslotterie

To play, you simply need to purchase a ticket for the draw online from the official provider. All tickets contain a five-digit combination and cost €20 each. The Christmas Lottery draw will take place on 26th December, and results will appear on this page after the draw for you to check your tickets.

Christmas Lottery in Germany

The Christmas Lottery in Germany is similar to the Spanish Christmas Lottery. This annual draw is a unique and highly acclaimed event in Spain, thanks to its stakes and prize pool of over €2 billion.

The Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie draw will take place on 26th December and will be broadcast live on television in Germany or can be watched online via live stream.

Good Causes

The German Christmas Lottery is run by the non-profit Navidad Foundation GmbH. Every bet purchased helps the partner foundations to promote charitable projects throughout Germany.

For more information about the Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie (German Christmas Lottery), visit www.weihnachtslotto.com.