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100 Millionaires Created in EuroMillions Raffle

Friday night’s EuroMillions draw proved to be one to remember for players across Europe, as 100 new millionaires were created. Find out which countries had the best fortune.

First European Millionaire Maker of 2023

Known as a European Millionaire Maker draw in the UK, the special event worked like a raffle. Everyone who purchased a EuroMillions ticket received a unique code for every set of numbers they played, starting with a different letter depending on which country the ticket was bought in.

The 100 winning codes were then selected and announced alongside the main draw. Match one of the codes exactly - with all the letters and digits in the right place – to win €1 million/£1 million.

The codes were drawn at random, so the number of prizes assigned to each nation was not pre-determined. One country could have completely dominated, or all nine could have split the prizes equally.

In the end, the UK turned out to be the most successful country, with 30 winners out of 100. France was second with 25, while Spain had 17 and Portugal 11. Here’s a full rundown of how the prizes were split.

Country Number of Prizes
UK 30
France 25
Spain 17
Portugal 11
Belgium 6
Switzerland 4
Austria 4
Ireland 3
Luxembourg 0

Go to the European Millionaire Maker page to see a list of all the winning codes. You can also use the Checker to help you find out if you won.

Remember that in the UK, your standard Millionaire Maker code is the one entered into the European Millionaire Maker raffle. It’s also possible to win in the raffle and the main draw on the same night.

Previous European Raffles

Europe-wide raffles only take place every now and again. In fact, since they were introduced in September 2016, there have only been four events of this kind.

In the first two European Millionaire Makers, there were 25 prizes paid out each time. This increased to 100 when the raffle was brought back in January 2022.

The money for European Millionaire Maker draws comes from the EuroMillions Reserve Fund. This is also used to pay for Superdraws, and to ensure the minimum jackpot of €17 million is always available.

There will be a EuroMillions jackpot of £26 million (€30 million) to dream of in the next draw after nobody won the top prize on Friday night. Get involved online or visit an authorised retailer in one of the participating countries.

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Published: Mon, 6 February 2023 - 8:13am
Last Updated: Mon, 6 February 2023 - 8:17am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com