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20 EuroMillions Millionaires Guaranteed on Friday 2nd July

A special Millionaire Maker draw has been scheduled for Friday 2nd July and will give away a guaranteed £20 million. By the end of the night 20 EuroMillions players in the UK will be £1 million richer. Find out more about the big promotion.

Better Odds of Winning 

The UK Millionaire Maker raffle takes place every Tuesday and Friday alongside the main EuroMillions draw. It gives you another chance to win big if your EuroMillions numbers don’t prove to be lucky, and the cost of entry is included in the price of your ticket.

For each line of numbers you buy, you also receive a Millionaire Maker code. This consists of four letters and five numbers and is generated at random, so you can’t pick your own. 

In a regular EuroMillions draw, one code is randomly selected from all those that have been generated. If your code matches this exactly, with every letter and number in the right place, you win £1 million. Nobody else will have the same code so you don’t have to share.

On Friday 4th July, 20 codes will be picked as winners instead of the usual one. The great news here is that this creates much better odds of winning, as there are 20 chances for you to match one of the codes.

The precise odds of winning always varies from draw to draw in a raffle such as Millionaire Maker, as it depends entirely on how many tickets are purchased.

Special EuroMillions Draws

These special Millionaire Maker draws only take place a few times a year. The most recent one happened on 30th April, when 10 prizes of £1 million were paid out. There were also 10 winners on New Year’s Day. The upcoming promotion is giving away twice as much money.

Remember to check your Millionaire Maker code after the draw and not just your numbers for the main game. You can use the handy EuroMillions Checker to look at both at the same time. If you win, you’ll have to come forward to claim your money within 180 days.

It is possible to win a prize on both the main game and the Millionaire Maker on the same night. It would be the perfect way to start July, setting you up not just for the rest of the summer but way beyond.

Get your entries in online or by visiting an authorised National Lottery retailer in the UK. View the latest EuroMillions Results after every draw.

Written by

Published: Wed, 23 June 2021 - 10:00am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com