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A Guide to EuroMillions Special Draws By Country

Since EuroMillions began in 2004, there have been over 2.5 billion winners across Europe, and over 400 jackpot winners crowned. Nine countries participate, each of which has its own supplementary games and its own way to create extra millionaires.

A little-known fact about EuroMillions is that you don’t need to be a citizen of a participating country to play it - any visitor or tourist can play, the only caveat being that you have to claim your winnings from the country you played in. Whether you’re a Brit in Barcelona, or an American in Paris, you can join in with EuroMillions.

Not only can you play EuroMillions abroad, but you can also take advantage of the bonus draws and extra games specific to each country. Here’s an exhaustive breakdown of the countries that participate in the lottery, and all the special draws and EuroMillions bonus games available in them.


Austria has the longest claim period of any country participating in EuroMillions. If you win a prize, you can collect it within three years of buying the ticket, giving you plenty of time to return if you’ve already left the country after winning. With less danger of missing out on a prize, there’s more incentive to try out Austria’s EuroMillions add-on...

Austria Joker

This supplementary game is available with every game the Austrian National Lottery offers, including EuroMillions. You can buy an entry for Austria Joker €1.30 with any EuroMillions ticket, up to a maximum of three entries per draw. Each entry includes one randomly generated set of six numbers, from 1 to 9. To win the jackpot, you have to match all six numbers with those in the Joker draw, in the same order. Prizes start from €1.50 for matching the very last number.


The de-facto home of beer, chocolate and the sprout, Belgium has been making multi-millionaires since October 2004. It is home to an exclusive raffle game, which guarantees winners every week. Read on to learn more about this Belgian EuroMillions exclusive.

My Bonus

The My Bonus raffle offers hundreds of fixed prizes every draw. For every line of EuroMillions numbers you purchase, a My Bonus code is automatically generated. Match your My Bonus code with one selected alongside the EuroMillions draw you entered, and you win a €500 bonus prize. Two hundred of theses bonus prizes are given out every Tuesday draw, and 400 every Friday. Also, should there be a European Millionaire Maker event on the draw of your choice, your My Bonus codes will count as entry to that as well.


France has the largest concentration of  winners out of the nine participating countries, with over 600 million winning tickets sold since 2004. There are two bonus EuroMillions games on offer for citizens and visitors alike; learn more below.

My Million

My Million is a French raffle which guarantees a millionaire every EuroMillions draw. Each line you buy is accompanied by a randomly-generated nine-character raffle code. On the night of each EuroMillions draw, a winning raffle code is randomly picked; if you match it exactly, you win €1 million.

Etoile +

For an additional €1 per line, you can add Etoile+ to your EuroMillions ticket, which upgrades many of the non-jackpot prizes on offer. It also grants a prize for matching just the two Lucky Star numbers, which is unavailable to EuroMillions tickets without the Etoile + option. The average payout for this exclusive prize tier is around €10, but higher prizes are also increased, giving you even greater returns on your EuroMillions win.


With the recent news of the Irish family syndicate that laid claim to a €175 million EuroMillions jackpot, some tourists may be after their own slice of that Irish luck. Read on to learn about Ireland’s additional games.

EuroMillions Plus

This is an additional lottery draw, held alongside the main EuroMillions draw. For €1 extra per line, your numbers are entered into the EuroMillions Plus draw, where matching at least three numbers wins you a prize, and matching five would win you €500,000.

Ireland Only Raffle

The Ireland Only Raffle is a game you’re automatically entered into and is included in the price of every EuroMillions ticket. You are given a randomly-generated nine-character raffle code for each line of numbers you purchase. Each draw, ten codes are randomly drawn, guaranteeing ten players a raffle prize of €5000.


As the smallest of the countries that participates in EuroMillions, Luxembourg has also seen the fewest number of lottery winners. It is, however, one of the world’s biggest wine consumers. Good to know there won’t be a shortage of champagne if you win big with one of these extra EuroMillions games...

Luxembourg Joker­

The Luxembourg Joker costs €2 per line, and can yield prizes as large as €500,000. For each EuroMillions line you add Joker to, you receive two randomly-generated sets of numbers, comprising six digits between 1 and 9. Your objective is to match these numbers exactly, and in order, with a set of numbers randomly drawn alongside the EuroMillions results. There are six prize tiers, from matching the last number in the sequence to matching all six; do that and you win the top prize.

Extra Lux

Extra Lux is a secondary draw exclusive to Luxembourg, which gives you the chance to win even more prizes with your EuroMillions numbers. The five main numbers from each EuroMillions line you purchase are automatically entered into the Extra Lux draw, where matching all five wins you €100,000.


Portugal is no stranger to jackpots, with one-sixth of all jackpot-winning EuroMillions tickets bought in the country. It is also the fourth-most successful country for overall EuroMillions wins; could you be next to rank amongst them?


This is Portugal’s supplementary raffle game, similar to France’s My Million. When buying EuroMillions tickets for Friday night draws, an eight-character code is given for every line you purchase. On the night of the draw, a winning code is randomly drawn alongside the lottery numbers. If your code matches perfectly, you win €1 million.


Spain is near the top of the list when it comes to jackpot winners per country - could a win in this popular holiday destination be more likely? Visitors to the Costa del Sol could do worse than to take part in the lottery here, especially as there’s an exclusive million-euro raffle to join.

El Millón

This raffle game gives you the chance to win a guaranteed €1 million prize with every EuroMillions draw; for each line bought, an eight-character raffle code is generated, which is then entered into a raffle alongside the draw in question. If your El Millón code is drawn, you win the prize! Occasionally, the Spanish Lottery will run El Millón + events, where multiple codes are drawn – giving you more chances to become a millionaire.


Switzerland isn’t the largest country to participate in EuroMillions, but the jackpots won in the popular skiing destination are no less impressive. In 2018, a Swiss player broke the record for largest lottery win in Switzerland, only 10 months after the record was last broken! Try your luck from the comfort of a chalet, with one of these extra EuroMillions games.

2nd Chance/Swiss Win

This game has two names in Switzerland: 2nd Chance in the German-speaking part of the country, and Swiss Win in the French-speaking part. Though the names differ, the game and prizes are one and the same.

2nd Chance/Swiss Win is included in the cost of a EuroMillions line. Your main five EuroMillions numbers are entered into a second simultaneous draw, where five numbers are randomly drawn. If you match your numbers in this secondary draw, you could win over CHF 150,000. The prizes in this draw are pari-mutuel, meaning that they change depending on how many people have bought an entry.

Super Star

This Swiss stand-alone game appears on the same entry slip as EuroMillions, though it can be entered without entering the main game. Each Super Star line costs CHF 2, and comprises a single randomly-generated five-character code. To win a Super Star prize, you have to match your characters with the winning ones, in the same order. For example, prizes are given for such matches as the first characters and last two characters, or the first four characters. Prizes start at CHF 4; match the whole code and you win a fixed prize of CHF 250,000.


The home of the largest EuroMillions jackpot ever won, and boasting more than half a billion winners since 2004, the UK is not to be sniffed at when it comes to jackpots. To top it all off, the country guarantees at least one millionaire, twice a week, via their UK-only bonus game Millionaire Maker. Read on for more.

UK Millionaire Maker

The UK Millionaire Maker is a national iteration of the European Millionaire Maker – a special event add-on to a given EuroMillions draw. Where European Millionaire Maker raffles occur as special events, the UK Millionaire Maker raffle takes place every draw, guaranteeing at least one UK millionaire per game.

Each EuroMillions line sold in the UK is accompanied by a nine-character code. Every code is then entered into a raffle ahead of the draw, from which one code is randomly picked. If your code is picked, you win £1 million! Sometimes, special UK Millionaire Maker raffles are held where more than one code is drawn; on the 1st March 2019, for example, 40 Millionaire Maker codes were drawn.

EuroMillions HotPicks

EuroMillions HotPicks is a supplementary game, which can be played separately from the main draw - though it uses the same winning numbers. The rules are simple: you pick how many numbers you want to match from between 1 and 5, and then choose your numbers. Your objective is to match those numbers with the main numbers from the relevant EuroMillions draw. You’re more likely to match one number than all five, but the prize for matching one number is much lower. Prizes for HotPicks are fixed per winner, and range from £10 to £1 million.

And there you have it! Nine participating countries, 14 extra games, and a lot of sightseeing.

If you want to learn more, check out this handy guide to playing EuroMillions abroad, and if tourism isn’t your bag, you can still participate online; just register and choose your numbers.

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Published: Wed, 15 May 2019 - 3:52pm
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