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British EuroMillions Winners Revealed

The owners of the ticket that won the EuroMillions jackpot on Friday 16 March have been revealed, and we are using the plural because there are 12 of them! The group of 12 play EuroMillions every Friday as a syndicate, with each member paying for a single ticket. The syndicate has been playing for approximately three years, and although it has previously won a handful of very modest consolation prizes, this is the first time it has landed a major prize. And what a prize it was! The jackpot that the syndicate won was worth €45.75 million, which is £38.03 million, so each member now has a personal fortune of £3.16 million!

 The 12 members of the winning syndicate are all bus drivers who work together in the town of Corby, England. Chris Smith, who organises the syndicate, discovered that one of their tickets had matched all seven numbers drawn in the EuroMillions when he was checking the results with his partner, and at first the win was hard to believe.

“I always try to watch the draw show live, or record it, and check off all of our numbers,” Chris explained. “On Friday my partner checked half our numbers and I checked the other half – she just passed the winning ticket over and paused the TV on the numbers. We kept looking at it and passing it between each other about four or five times. We couldn’t really believe that they all matched!”

But they really had all matched, and after calling a few of the other syndicate members over to check the ticket for themselves, Chris called the lottery organiser in the UK to start the claims process. The claim was initially verified by phone and a couple of days later the syndicate was formally presented with its seven-figure fortune.

Spending plans among the lottery syndicate members include buying new cars, taking well-deserved holidays, paying for the continued education of their children and taking care of other family members. “Times have been very tough for everyone,” Chris said. “This win means so much and is life-changing for everybody.”

Our congratulations go to all twelve members of the syndicate as well as to their families. As for the EuroMillions game that has taken place since, there were no jackpot winners on Tuesday 20 March and so the next game this Friday 23 March will offer a rollover jackpot worth around €26 million (around £22 million). Play EuroMillions online today and the next big winner could be you!

Written by Tim Reynolds

Published: Wed, 21 March 2012 - 10:58am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 1:19pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com