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Can Playing in a Syndicate Unite EuroMillions Players?

With the fallout from last week’s EU referendum result still looming large over many ticket holders and causing a country-wide divide in opinion on everything from the economy to playing EuroMillions, what better way to bridge the charm and create a feeling of unity and friendship than by joining a syndicate for tonight’s game? The jackpot is estimated to be worth £19 million (€24 million), a sum that you could win a share of by playing as part of a collective.

While many EuroMillions fans across the UK are breathing a huge sigh of relief that they can still play this lucrative lottery game despite reaching a decision to leave the European Union, the thoughts of all players will be firmly fixed on tonight’s top prize. Going for this giant jackpot alone with a single ticket is possible, but statistically ticket holders will stand a better chance of winning by playing with more than one line of numbers. Yes, this is a no-brainer, but it can prove costly, especially when you consider that as many as 70 lines can be purchased by a single UK player for any one draw. This is where the syndicate system provides a more practical approach.

You can opt to play as part of your own syndicate, usually amongst a group of your friends, family members or work colleagues, or join an online group. Some players may dismiss competing as part of a collective, claiming that they would receive a smaller payout should they succeed in winning the jackpot, but your chances of grabbing a prize really are dramatically increased, and you’d benefit from a feeling of unity throughout the group as you all aim for the same jackpot-shaped goal. A syndicate could do a lot more than just win you money; it could form close bonds and friendships, especially if you all get to hold up a giant cheque together!     

If you’re concerned that syndicates don’t have as much luck as individual winners, you’d be wrong, with numerous syndicate success stories having emerged throughout the life of EuroMillions. In November 2009, a group of office workers from Merseyside, whimsically known as the ‘Magnificent Seven’, struck gold in the form of a £45.5 million jackpot. Prior to the win, many of the collective feared the threat of redundancy, but after matching those all-important five main numbers and two Lucky Stars, each member of the syndicate found themselves £6.5 million better off. The win also allowed many of the syndicate to provide for their families, a feeling that would no doubt be unrivaled for all jackpot hopefuls.

Whether you have chosen to go solo or play as a syndicate, tonight’s estimated prize of £19 million is just waiting to be won. EuroMillions tickets can be purchased online or from any authorised retailer in participating countries. Best of luck!

Published: Fri, 1 July 2016 - 9:53am
Last Updated: Thu, 23 March 2017 - 12:59pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com