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Double Delight for Irish EuroMillions Player

There was double delight for an Irish EuroMillions player who had her own forgetfulness to thank as she secured two prizes with the same numbers. As a result of her actions, the lucky woman from Westmeath collected two prizes of €21,449 each by matching five numbers from the main draw on Tuesday 9th February. She had purchased an entry on the previous Sunday, but went and picked up another entry with the same numbers on the day of the draw.

The woman had been playing EuroMillions with her friend since the beginning of the year and seemed perplexed by her own actions: “I don’t know what made me forget we’d already played!” she exclaimed. By matching the same numbers on two tickets, both of which were purchased from the Monksland Retail Centre in Athlone, the lucky lady was rewarded with a total of €42,898.  

The friends have said that the money will be put towards a joint holiday to France, Portugal or Eastern Europe, and that they hope to pay a few bills with the cash. The friends have also vowed to keep playing EuroMillions after having such a lucky start to their year.

With Tuesday’s EuroMillions jackpot won by a UK player, the top prize has been reset to an estimated £11 million (€15 million) ahead of this evening’s draw, a windfall that the two Irish friends and every other player would love to win. It’s also a Mega Friday for UK players, which means five prizes of £1 million and an alluring vacation in South Africa are there to be won. EuroMillions tickets can be purchased online or from authorised retailers in participating countries. The very best of luck!

Published: Fri, 26 February 2016 - 11:20am
Last Updated: Wed, 23 March 2016 - 7:53am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com