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Double Rollover Jackpot

Double rollover riches could be yours if you get lucky this Friday 11 September, 2009. That’s because no player won the EuroMillions lottery jackpot last Friday, so the jackpot has rolled over and will now be worth an estimated €42 million (around £35 million) to anyone who matches all five main numbers and both Lucky Star numbers. Of course, if several people achieve that feat then the jackpot will be shared between them, but each winner would still be rich by any definition of the word!

The EuroMillions results for last Friday 11 September were 6, 9, 20, 28 and 39, and the two Lucky Star numbers were 3 and 6. Six players matched the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win €520,670 (around £454,876) each. Another six players matched the five main numbers only and won €147,757 (around £129,086) each. There were 1,819,979 EuroMillions prizes won in total, so plenty of players across Europe and around the world had good cause to celebrate.

EuroMillions players now have two massive jackpots to play for over the next two weeks. First, you have the double rollover jackpot of €42 million this Friday 11 September. Then, on Friday 18 September, you have the €100 million Superdraw that we told you about in July. The odds of winning any EuroMillions jackpot are always 1 in 76,275,360, so it makes sense to buy tickets online for both draws and see what happens. Who knows – you just might win EuroMillions prizes two weeks in a row!

Those of you who like to pick some or all of your numbers according to the data you can find on our EuroMillions Statistics page will be interested to note that the most overdue main numbers at the time of writing are 27, 1, 28, 3 and 48. The most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 4 and 8.

Published: Mon, 7 September 2009 - 10:36am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 12:24pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com