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EuroMillions and Mega Friday Results for Friday 31st July 2015

A single French player may have scooped the EuroMillions jackpot yet again, but British participants also cleaned up nicely on the main game and Mega Friday. Ten trips to the Big Apple, as well as a cool £1 million, were up for grabs in this special edition of Millionaire Maker, and players turned out in droves to buy tickets as they dreamed of jetting off to America on trips befitting of newly-minted millionaires.

The winning numbers were 16, 21, 34, 40 and 50 with Lucky Stars 6 and 9, with the jackpot winner snagging €24.9 million for their efforts. Four participants, two from the UK, one from Spain and one from Ireland, grabbed £290,384 (€372,720) each for matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star, while ten ticket holders matched five main numbers to snap up £38,717 (€49,696) each. The remaining 2.2 million prize winners in the main game pocketed sums worth between £3.50 (€4.50) for matching two main numbers and £3,072 (€3,944) for matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars. Visit the EuroMillions Results page for a full prize breakdown and a list of the ten winning Millionaire Maker codes that have netted their owners £1 million and a luxury holiday to New York City!

France may have had the largest prize pool on the night thanks to that jackpot win, but it was the UK who had the largest number of winning players as 703,038 participants swept up great cash prizes amounting to more than £4.6 million. Spain also had more winners than France, with 417,956 ticket holders bagging €3.7 million.

The first EuroMillions draw of August will be held on Tuesday and is offering a shiny new jackpot of £10 million (€15 million). If you’re angling for an eight-figure windfall to ensure an awesome end to your summer, make sure you buy EuroMillions tickets online or from authorised retailers as soon as possible. Good luck and have fun!


Published: Sat, 1 August 2015 - 10:49am
Last Updated: Mon, 26 October 2015 - 9:49am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

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