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What Would Your First EuroMillions Jackpot Winning Purchase Be?

Tonight’s EuroMillions draw has a jackpot worth £17 million (€25 million) on offer and lottery fans across Europe will while away the hours dreaming about what they would buy with that big win. However, what do you think your very first purchase would be on discovering you were rich? It might not be extravagant, with your winnings yet to hit your bank account, but you can afford to splash out a little, knowing you’ll have no trouble paying off the credit card bill.

A decorator from Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk bagged £259,301 by matching the five main numbers and one Lucky Star in the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 7th July and announced, on collecting his cheque this week, that the first thing he treated himself to was a large breakfast.

Jane Lewis from Sowerby Bridge in West Yorkshire had other plans for her cash when she discovered her Lotto numbers had come up on Wednesday 17th June. The 69-year-old caught the bus into Halifax after winning £4.3 million on Lotto and splashed out on some £18 Marks and Spencer slippers she’d had her eye on.

In November 2001, Nikki Otterburn from Thirsk in North Yorkshire saw her winning Lotto draw on television whilst working in a gym. She recognised her winning numbers as they were drawn but had to continue with her shift. That night, she visited a nightclub and celebrated her £2.2 million win a fitting first purchase as a millionaire - a bottle of champagne.

Whether it’s something to settle your nerves, something practical or something to help you celebrate your good fortune, it is worth considering what you might buy if you were to check the EuroMillions Results page after tonight’s draw and find that you were due a £17 million payout.

EuroMillions tickets are on sale online and from authorised retailers for tonight’s draw which also offers ten Mega Friday Millionaire Maker prizes of £1 million and a trip for four to New York.

Published: Fri, 31 July 2015 - 11:09am
Last Updated: Mon, 26 October 2015 - 9:49am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com