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EuroMillions in 2019: A Statistical Review of the Year

EuroMillions enjoyed a record year in 2019, giving away its biggest-ever jackpot and millions of prizes across Europe. Take a look back at the statistical highlights of the year to find out which numbers proved to be the luckiest and which countries banked the most money.

Most Common Numbers

All 50 numbers have an equal chance of appearing in every EuroMillions draw, but that doesn’t mean they are all selected as frequently as each other. The machines are designed to draw balls at random, after all, so over the course of a month or even a year some numbers will appear more frequently than others.

The hottest number in 2019 was 1, which was drawn as a main ball in 19 out of the 105 draws to take place last year. Considering that five main numbers are selected from a pool of 50, the odds of each one appearing are 1 in 10; over a one-year period each number will appear 10.5 times on average.

Numbers 39 and 42 also proved to be very lucky in 2019, while 3 and 32 weren’t far behind. The following table shows the numbers that came out the most and the frequency for each one:

Ball Number 1 39 42 3 32
Frequency 19 17 16 15 15

Two Lucky Stars between 1 and 12 are also selected in every draw. Number 2 was the most common Lucky Star in 2019 with 27 appearances, closely followed by 6 with 26 sightings.

Least Common Numbers

While some numbers were drawn regularly in 2019, others were only conspicuous in statistical terms by their absence. The number 4 was only drawn four times all year - an average of once every three months - while 36 only made five appearances and 17 and 21 were drawn only six times each.

The table below shows the numbers that came out the least and the frequency for each one.

Ball Number 4 36 21 17 40
Frequency 4 5 6 6 7

At the turn of the year, the number 36 was also the most overdue, having not appeared since 6th August 2019. Every other number has been drawn since then. The least common Lucky Star for 2019, meanwhile, was the number 9, which was only drawn on ten occasions. The number 12 only appeared 12 times.

Go to the Statistics page to see all the number frequencies since EuroMillions started in 2004. You can also find out about common pairs and triplets, and much more. It may be that you then decide to choose your next line based on these statistics to help you try and win the next huge jackpot.

Biggest Jackpots of 2019

The jackpot regularly surged past £100 million last year, breaking many records for big wins. The largest of the lot came on Tuesday 8th October, when a UK ticket matched all the numbers to pocket a top prize worth more than £170 million.

This followed a record-breaking run of 22 rollovers and broke the previous high mark for a UK win, which had stood for more than eight years. It was also the first time in EuroMillions history that the jackpot had stayed at its €190 million cap for four consecutive draws.

The record was also set last year for the biggest jackpot ever won in Ireland, when a family from The Naul in County Dublin landed €175 million. In total, there were six nine-figure jackpots won during 2019. Here’s a list of the biggest jackpots.

Draw Date Jackpot Amount (GBP) Jackpot Amount (EUR) Winning Location
8th October £170 million €190 million UK
19th February £152 million €175 million Ireland
11th June £123 million €138 million UK
1st January £114 million €129 million UK
19th November £105 million €122 million UK
19th July £96 million €122 million Spain

Most Successful Countries

The jackpot was won 15 times in 2019. While this was the fewest number of winners for any full year since 2004, there were some countries that enjoyed a lot of luck. The UK was the most successful nation out of the nine that sell tickets for EuroMillions, banking seven out of the 15 jackpots. The table below shows how many jackpots were won by each country in 2019.

Country Jackpots Won in 2019
UK 7
Spain 3
France 2
Belgium 1
Ireland 1
Portugal 1

There were no jackpot-winning tickets sold in Austria, Switzerland or Luxembourg in 2019. Only one draw, on 28th May, produced multiple winners on the same night, when one player from Belgium and one from France shared a top prize worth €65 million (£57 million). Visit the Winner Statistics page to find out more about where and when jackpots have been won since EuroMillions began.

More Big Jackpots In 2020

It remains to be seen whether the most common numbers from 2019 will continue to be lucky over the next 12 months, but the big jackpots are certainly set to keep on coming. A series of changes have been announced for the start of February, which will see the jackpot cap go up, the top prize grow more quickly and regular Superdraws take place. Pick up your ticket from an authorised retailer or play online to try and become the next big winner.

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Published: Fri, 3 January 2020 - 10:20am
Last Updated: Fri, 3 January 2020 - 10:43am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com