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EuroMillions Jackpot Estimated at €90 Million

The value of this Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is estimated to be worth around €90 million (around £73 million for players in the UK) after the game had its seventh consecutive rollover on Tuesday. At this rate we could be just one more rollover away from the milestone figure of €100,000,000, but of course players will be hoping to land the jackpot before we get to that point. And for those who are looking for a good reason to celebrate this weekend, we can’t think of a better one than having an extra €90 million to put in the bank!

Whilst no player won the jackpot in the midweek EuroMillions game, more than 2.05 million tickets did secure a prize of some sort. For that reason, anyone who participated and hasn’t yet checked their numbers should do so now, because the sooner a win is recognised, the sooner a claim can be made. The main numbers drawn in the EuroMillions game on Tuesday 23 October were 01, 28, 35, 38 and 50, and the Lucky Star numbers were 02 and 10.

Four tickets won a second-tier consolation prize of €337,504 (£243,292) each by matching all five of the main numbers and one of the Lucky Star numbers. Five tickets matched all five main numbers without either Lucky Star number to win €90,001 (£64,878). 

From there, the number of winners at each level increased dramatically, so at the fourth-tier there were 47 tickets picking up a prize of €4,787 (£3,451) each by matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars. At the lowest prize tier, 1,222,362 tickets won €4.10 (£2.90) each by matching two main numbers only. And as always, one player in the United Kingdom won £1 million by matching the Millionaire Raffle number, which on this occasion was JNR203014.

Whenever there is an especially large jackpot on offer in the EuroMillions game it is always a good time to think about joining or starting a lottery syndicate if you haven’t done so already. The benefits of playing as a syndicate are numerous and setting up a syndicate from scratch isn’t complicated at all. In fact, if you take a few minutes to read the EuroMillions Syndicates article on this page you could be up and running in time for the €90 million game this Friday.

Whether you choose to participate in the coming game as an individual or you play as a syndicate, don’t forget to buy your tickets online to ensure their safety and good luck with your numbers!

Published: Thu, 25 October 2012 - 9:31am
Last Updated: Thu, 8 December 2016 - 2:00pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com