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EuroMillions Jackpot Jumps To £99 Million After Eight Rollovers

The EuroMillions jackpot has soared to £99 million (€110 million) following a rollover on Tuesday night. Eight draws have now passed since the last time there was a winner, creating one of the largest jackpots to have been seen all year.

The draw on Tuesday 18th August produced more than 1.8 million prizes across the nine participating countries. While the jackpot remained elusive, five ticket holders - including two from the UK - matched five of the main numbers plus one Lucky Star to land £82,374 (€131,558) each. The winning numbers were 6, 12, 17, 34 and 42, with Lucky Stars 5 and 12.

In a year featuring lots of big wins, this is now the longest sequence of rollovers there has been since the start of 2020. There have only been a couple of higher jackpots in that time, when Superdraws have been scheduled to push the top prize up to a guaranteed amount (€130 million).

Bigger Jackpots

The jackpot has been growing at a much faster speed than had previously been the case, after changes were made back in February to help make even more large prizes.

A higher percentage of the prize fund now goes to the jackpot, so it can reach nine figures much more quickly. For example, it took 11 rollovers to take the top prize past £100 million at a similar time last year, whereas now it is at £99 million after just eight. The advantage for players is that you get the chance to dream of an enormous payout even more regularly.

The jackpot grew all the way from €17 million to a record-equalling €190 million in 2019, before finally a UK player scooped the full amount - worth £170 million - to become the country’s biggest-ever winner.

One of the changes made in February was to increase the jackpot cap from €190 million to €200 million, setting up the possibility of a new record at some point in the future. At the current rate, the new cap might be hit in just a few weeks.

EuroMillions already offers the highest jackpot currently available anywhere in the world, way ahead of multi-state US games Powerball and Mega Millions. If you win Friday’s £99 million bounty, you will instantly have enough wealth to plan for a fantastic future. When Ryan Hoyle from Manchester pocketed £58 million in April, he said he and his parents would be able to retire, while he also wanted to build a new home and take his daughter to Disneyland.

You can start to think about how you would spend a EuroMillions fortune as soon as you pick up an entry for the next draw, then check the results straight away to see if you are a winner.

Written by

Published: Wed, 19 August 2020 - 10:19am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com