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How EuroMillions Jackpots Are Now Growing More Quickly

EuroMillions updated its prize rules earlier this year to help jackpots grow more quickly. Find out about how these changes have impacted on the game, pushing the top prize up rapidly without the need for as many rollovers.

What Changed in February 2020?

Among a series of eye-catching changes that were introduced on 1st February, the jackpot cap was increased from €190 million to €200 million, more Superdraws were promised and there was an adjustment to the way that prizes would be allocated. These were all designed to create bigger jackpots on a more regular basis.

Under the previous setup, 43.2 percent of the prize fund went to the jackpot for the first six draws in a rollover series, dropping to 27 percent for the seventh draw onwards. Since the start of February, 50 percent of the prize fund has gone to the jackpot for the first five draws, before going down to 42 percent from then on until it is won. Put simply, more money has been going to the top prize in every draw.

Faster-Growing Jackpots

The effect of this change has been apparent over the past couple of months. For example, the jackpot for the upcoming draw on Friday 26th June is worth an estimated £46 million (€51 million) following three consecutive rollovers. The top prize also reached the same amount on 12th June after another run of three draws without a win.

By contrast, at a similar time of year in 2019 - the draw on 25th June - the jackpot stood at £40 million (€45 million) under the previous rules. It was slightly lower at £39 million (€44 million) on 21st May 2019. You can therefore see that jackpots are now significantly larger over the same period of time under the current system - £6 million or more after just three draws.

The impact of coronavirus had initially slowed down the rate that the jackpot rose earlier this year. Players across Europe were encouraged to avoid social contact and some shops were closed, while ticket sales were even suspended for a couple of months in Spain – all factors which reduced the total number of entries that were sold and, subsequently, the prize fund.

To compensate for more prize money going to the jackpot, the allocation for other categories also had to be adjusted in February. However, there are still just as many ways to win in every draw and you can pick up major awards without landing the jackpot. A UK player scooped £148,217 in the Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star tier on 16th June.

Superdraw on the Way

As well as the extra money that now goes to the jackpot in every draw, Superdraws are also scheduled even more regularly than in past years. The next one will take place on Friday 3rd July and will offer a guaranteed jackpot of €130 million (approximately £115 million).

You can take part online or by going to an authorised retailer, then you could just become the next big winner. Check out the EuroMillions Results after every draw to see the latest numbers.

Written by

Published: Fri, 26 June 2020 - 2:54pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com